Table of Parts
                      Subpart A—AM Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.1   Scope.
    Sec.  73.14   AM broadcast definitions.
    Sec.  73.21   Classes of AM broadcast channels and stations.
    Sec.  73.23   AM  broadcast station applications affected by international
    Sec.  73.24   Broadcast facilities; showing required.
    Sec.  73.25   Clear channels; Class A, Class B and Class D stations.
    Sec.  73.26   Regional channels; Class B and Class D stations.
    Sec.  73.27   Local channels; Class C stations.
    Sec.  73.28   Assignment of stations to channels.
    Sec.  73.29   Class C stations on regional channels.
    Sec.  73.30   Petition for authorization of an allotment in the 1605–1705 kHz
    Sec.  73.31   Rounding of nominal power specified on applications.
    Sec.  73.33   Antenna systems; showing required.
    Sec.  73.35   Calculation of improvement factors.
    Sec.  73.37   Applications for broadcast facilities, showing required.
    Sec.  73.44   AM transmission system emission limitations.
    Sec.  73.45   AM antenna systems.
    Sec.  73.49   AM transmission system fencing requirements.
    Sec.  73.51   Determining operating power.
    Sec.  73.53   Requirements for authorization of antenna monitors.
    Sec.  73.54   Antenna resistance and reactance measurements.
    Sec.  73.57   Remote reading antenna and common point ammeters.
    Sec.  73.58   Indicating instruments.
    Sec.  73.61   AM directional antenna field strength measurements.
    Sec.  73.62   Directional antenna system tolerances.
    Sec.  73.68   Sampling systems for antenna monitors.
    Sec.  73.69   Antenna monitors.
    Sec.  73.72   Operating during the experimental period.
    Sec.  73.88   Blanketing interference.
    Sec.  73.99   Presunrise service authorization (PSRA) and postsunset service
   authorization (PSSA).
    Sec.  73.127   Use of multiplex transmission.
    Sec.  73.128   AM stereophonic broadcasting.
    Sec.  73.132   Territorial exclusivity.
    Sec.  73.150   Directional antenna systems.
    Sec.  73.151   Field  strength  measurements  to  establish performance of
   directional antennas.
    Sec.  73.152   Modification of directional antenna data.
    Sec.  73.153   Field  strength  measurements in support of applications or
   evidence at hearings.
    Sec.  73.154   AM directional antenna partial proof of performance measurements.
    Sec.  73.157   Antenna testing during daytime.
    Sec.  73.158   Directional antenna monitoring points.
    Sec.  73.160   Vertical plane radiation characteristics, f(&b.thetas;).
    Sec.  73.182   Engineering standards of allocation.
    Sec.  73.183   Groundwave signals.
    Sec.  73.184   Groundwave field strength graphs.
    Sec.  73.185   Computation of interfering signal.
    Sec.  73.186   Establishment of effective field at one kilometer.
    Sec.  73.187   Limitation on daytime radiation.
    Sec.  73.189   Minimum antenna heights or field strength requirements.
    Sec.  73.190   Engineering charts and related formulas.
                      Subpart B—FM Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.201   Numerical designation of FM broadcast channels.
    Sec.  73.202   Table of Allotments.
    Sec.  73.203   Availability of channels.
    Sec.  73.204   International  agreements  and other restrictions on use of
    Sec.  73.205   Zones.
    Sec.  73.207   Minimum distance separation between stations.
    Sec.  73.208   Reference points and distance computations.
    Sec.  73.209   Protection from interference.
    Sec.  73.210   Station classes.
    Sec.  73.211   Power and antenna height requirements.
    Sec.  73.212   Administrative changes in authorizations.
    Sec.  73.213   Grandfathered short-spaced stations.
    Sec.  73.215   Contour protection for short-spaced assignments.
    Sec.  73.220   Restrictions on use of channels.
    Sec.  73.232   Territorial exclusivity.
    Sec.  73.239   Use of common antenna site.
    Sec.  73.258   Indicating instruments.
    Sec.  73.267   Determining operating power.
    Sec.  73.277   Permissible transmissions.
    Sec.  73.293   Use of FM multiplex subcarriers.
    Sec.  73.295   FM subsidiary communications services.
    Sec.  73.297   FM stereophonic sound broadcasting.
    Sec.  73.310   FM technical definitions.
    Sec.  73.311   Field strength contours.
    Sec.  73.312   Topographic data.
    Sec.  73.313   Prediction of coverage.
    Sec.  73.314   Field strength measurements.
    Sec.  73.315   FM transmitter location.
    Sec.  73.316   FM antenna systems.
    Sec.  73.317   FM transmission system requirements.
    Sec.  73.318   FM blanketing interference.
    Sec.  73.319   FM multiplex subcarrier technical standards.
    Sec.  73.322   FM stereophonic sound transmission standards.
    Sec.  73.333   Engineering charts.
         Subpart C—Noncommercial Educational FM Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.501   Channels available for assignment.
    Sec.  73.503   Licensing requirements and service.
    Sec.  73.504   Channel assignments in the Mexican border area.
    Sec.  73.505   Zones.
    Sec.  73.506   Classes of noncommercial educational FM stations and channels.
    Sec.  73.507   Minimum distance separations between stations.
    Sec.  73.508   Standards of good engineering practice.
    Sec.  73.509   Prohibited overlap.
    Sec.  73.510   Antenna systems.
    Sec.  73.511   Power and antenna height requirements.
    Sec.  73.512   Special  procedures  applicable  to  Class  D noncommercial
   educational stations.
    Sec.  73.513   Noncommercial educational FM stations operating on unreserved
    Sec.  73.514   Protection from interference.
    Sec.  73.515   NCE FM transmitter location.
    Sec.  73.525   TV Channel 6 protection.
    Sec.  73.558   Indicating instruments.
    Sec.  73.561   Operating schedule; time sharing.
    Sec.  73.567   Determining operating power.
    Sec.  73.593   Subsidiary communications services.
    Sec.  73.597   FM stereophonic sound broadcasting.
    Sec.  73.599   NCE-FM engineering charts.
                            Subpart D [Reserved]

                  Subpart E—Television Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.601   Scope of subpart.
    Sec.  73.602   Cross reference to rules in other parts.
    Sec.  73.603   Numerical designation of television channels.
    Sec.  73.606   Table of allotments.
    Sec.  73.607   Availability of channels.
    Sec.  73.609   Zones.
    Sec.  73.610   Minimum distance separations between stations.
    Sec.  73.611   Reference points and distance computations.
    Sec.  73.612   Protection from interference.
    Sec.  73.613   Protection of Class A TV stations.
    Sec.  73.614   Power and antenna height requirements.
    Sec.  73.615   Administrative changes in authorizations.
    Sec.  73.621   Noncommercial educational TV stations.
    Sec.  73.622   Digital television table of allotments.
    Sec.  73.623   DTV applications and changes to DTV allotments.
    Sec.  73.624   Digital television broadcast stations.
    Sec.  73.625   DTV coverage of principal community and antenna system.
    Sec.  73.635   Use of common antenna site.
    Sec.  73.641   Subscription TV definitions.
    Sec.  73.642   Subscription TV service.
    Sec.  73.643   Subscription TV operating requirements.
    Sec.  73.644   Subscription TV transmission systems.
    Sec.  73.646   Telecommunications Service on the Vertical Blanking Interval and
   in the Visual Signal.
    Sec.  73.653   Operation of TV aural and visual transmitters.
    Sec.  73.658   Affiliation agreements and network program practices; territorial
   exclusivity in non-network program arrangements.
    Sec.  Sec.  73.659-73.663   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.664   Determining operating power.
    Sec.  73.665   Use of TV aural baseband subcarriers.
    Sec.  73.667   TV subsidiary communications services.
    Sec.  73.669   TV stereophonic aural and multiplex subcarrier operation.
    Sec.  73.670   Commercial limits in children's programs.
    Sec.  73.671   Educational and informational programming for children.
    Sec.  73.672   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.673   Public  information  initiatives  regarding educational and
   informational programming for children.
    Sec.  73.681   Definitions.
    Sec.  73.682   TV transmission standards.
    Sec.  73.683   Field strength contours and presumptive determination of field
   strength at individual locations.
    Sec.  73.684   Prediction of coverage.
    Sec.  73.685   Transmitter location and antenna system.
    Sec.  73.686   Field strength measurements.
    Sec.  73.687   Transmission system requirements.
    Sec.  73.688   Indicating instruments.
    Sec.  73.691   Visual modulation monitoring.
    Sec.  73.698   Tables.
    Sec.  73.699   TV engineering charts.
                 Subpart F—International Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.701   Definitions.
    Sec.  73.702   Assignment and use of frequencies.
    Sec.  73.703   Geographical zones and areas of reception.
    Sec.  73.712   Equipment tests.
    Sec.  73.713   Program tests.
    Sec.  73.731   Licensing requirements.
    Sec.  73.732   Authorizations.
    Sec.  73.733   Normal license period.
    Sec.  73.751   Operating power.
    Sec.  73.753   Antenna systems.
    Sec.  73.754   Frequency monitors.
    Sec.  73.755   Modulation monitors.
    Sec.  73.756   System  specifications  for double-sideband (DBS) modulated
   emissions in the HF broadcasting service.
    Sec.  73.757   System  specifications  for single-sideband (SSB) modulated
   emissions in the HF broadcasting service.
    Sec.  73.758   System specifications for digitally modulated emissions in the HF
   broadcasting service.
    Sec.  73.759   Auxiliary transmitters.
    Sec.  73.760   Alternate main transmitters.
    Sec.  73.761   Modification of transmission systems.
    Sec.  73.762   Time of operation.
    Sec.  73.765   Determining operating power.
    Sec.  73.766   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.781   Logs.
    Sec.  73.782   Retention of logs.
    Sec.  73.787   Station identification.
    Sec.  73.788   Service; commercial or sponsored programs.
              Subpart G—Low Power FM Broadcast Stations (LPFM)

    Sec.  73.801   Broadcast regulations applicable to LPFM stations.
    Sec.  73.805   Availability of channels.
    Sec.  73.807   Minimum distance separation between stations.
    Sec.  73.808   Distance computations.
    Sec.  73.809   Interference protection to full service FM stations.
    Sec.  73.810   Third  adjacent  channel complaint and license modification
    Sec.  73.811   LPFM power and antenna height requirements.
    Sec.  73.812   Rounding of power and antenna heights.
    Sec.  73.813   Determination of antenna height above average terrain (HAAT).
    Sec.  73.816   Antennas.
    Sec.  73.825   Protection to reception of TV channel 6.
    Sec.  73.827   Interference to the input signals of FM translator or FM booster
    Sec.  73.840   Operating power and mode tolerances.
    Sec.  73.845   Transmission system operation.
    Sec.  73.850   Operating schedule.
    Sec.  73.853   Licensing requirements and service.
    Sec.  73.854   Unlicensed operations.
    Sec.  73.855   Ownership limits.
    Sec.  73.858   Attribution of LPFM station interests.
    Sec.  73.860   Cross-ownership.
    Sec.  73.865   Assignment and transfer of LPFM authorizations.
    Sec.  73.870   Processing of LPFM broadcast station applications.
    Sec.  73.871   Amendment of LPFM broadcast station applications.
    Sec.  73.872   Selection procedure for mutually exclusive LPFM applications.
    Sec.  73.873   LPFM license period.
    Sec.  73.875   Modification of transmission systems.
    Sec.  73.877   Station logs for LPFM stations.
    Sec.  73.878   Station inspections by FCC; availability to FCC of station logs
   and records.
    Sec.  73.879   Signal retransmission.
    Sec.  73.881   Equal employment opportunities.
            Subpart H—Rules Applicable to All Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.1001   Scope.
    Sec.  73.1010   Cross reference to rules in other parts.
    Sec.  73.1015   Truthful  written  statements  and responses to Commission
   inquiries and correspondence.
    Sec.  73.1020   Station license period.
    Sec.  73.1030   Notifications  concerning interference to radio astronomy,
   research and receiving installations.
    Sec.  73.1120   Station location.
    Sec.  73.1125   Station main studio location.
    Sec.  73.1150   Transferring a station.
    Sec.  73.1201   Station identification.
    Sec.  73.1202   Retention of letters received from the public.
    Sec.  73.1206   Broadcast of telephone conversations.
    Sec.  73.1207   Rebroadcasts.
    Sec.  73.1208   Broadcast of taped, filmed, or recorded material.
    Sec.  73.1209   References to time.
    Sec.  73.1210   TV/FM dual-language broadcasting in Puerto Rico.
    Sec.  73.1211   Broadcast of lottery information.
    Sec.  73.1212   Sponsorship   identification;   list   retention;  related
    Sec.  73.1213   Antenna structure, marking and lighting.
    Sec.  73.1215   Specifications for indicating instruments.
    Sec.  73.1216   Licensee-conducted contests.
    Sec.  73.1217   Broadcast hoaxes.
    Sec.  73.1225   Station inspections by FCC.
    Sec.  73.1226   Availability to FCC of station logs and records.
    Sec.  73.1230   Posting of station license.
    Sec.  73.1250   Broadcasting emergency information.
    Sec.  73.1300   Unattended station operation.
    Sec.  73.1350   Transmission system operation.
    Sec.  73.1400   Transmission system monitoring and control.
    Sec.  73.1510   Experimental authorizations.
    Sec.  73.1515   Special field test authorizations.
    Sec.  73.1520   Operation for tests and maintenance.
    Sec.  73.1530   Portable test stations [Definition].
    Sec.  73.1540   Carrier frequency measurements.
    Sec.  73.1545   Carrier frequency departure tolerances.
    Sec.  73.1560   Operating power and mode tolerances.
    Sec.  73.1570   Modulation levels: AM, FM, TV and Class A TV aural.
    Sec.  73.1580   Transmission system inspections.
    Sec.  73.1590   Equipment performance measurements.
    Sec.  73.1610   Equipment tests.
    Sec.  73.1615   Operation during modification of facilities.
    Sec.  73.1620   Program tests.
    Sec.  73.1635   Special temporary authorizations (STA).
    Sec.  73.1650   International agreements.
    Sec.  73.1660   Acceptability of broadcast transmitters.
    Sec.  73.1665   Main transmitters.
    Sec.  73.1670   Auxiliary transmitters.
    Sec.  73.1675   Auxiliary antennas.
    Sec.  73.1680   Emergency antennas.
    Sec.  73.1690   Modification of transmission systems.
    Sec.  73.1692   Broadcast station construction near or installation on an AM
   broadcast tower.
    Sec.  73.1695   Changes in transmission standards.
    Sec.  73.1700   Broadcast day.
    Sec.  73.1705   Time of operation.
    Sec.  73.1710   Unlimited time.
    Sec.  73.1715   Share time.
    Sec.  73.1720   Daytime.
    Sec.  73.1725   Limited time.
    Sec.  73.1730   Specified hours.
    Sec.  73.1735   AM station operation pre-sunrise and post-sunset.
    Sec.  73.1740   Minimum operating schedule.
    Sec.  73.1745   Unauthorized operation.
    Sec.  73.1750   Discontinuance of operation.
    Sec.  73.1800   General requirements related to the station log.
    Sec.  73.1820   Station log.
    Sec.  73.1835   Special technical records.
    Sec.  73.1840   Retention of logs.
    Sec.  73.1870   Chief operators.
    Sec.  73.1910   Fairness Doctrine.
    Sec.  73.1940   Legally qualified candidates for public office.
    Sec.  73.1941   Equal opportunities.
    Sec.  73.1942   Candidate rates.
    Sec.  73.1943   Political file.
    Sec.  73.1944   Reasonable access.
    Sec.  73.2080   Equal employment opportunities (EEO).
    Sec.  73.3500   Application and report forms.
    Sec.  73.3511   Applications required.
    Sec.  73.3512   Where to file; number of copies.
    Sec.  73.3513   Signing of applications.
    Sec.  73.3514   Content of applications.
    Sec.  73.3516   Specification of facilities.
    Sec.  73.3517   Contingent applications.
    Sec.  73.3518   Inconsistent or conflicting applications.
    Sec.  73.3519   Repetitious applications.
    Sec.  73.3520   Multiple applications.
    Sec.  73.3521   Mutually  exclusive applications for low power television,
   television translators and television booster stations.
    Sec.  73.3522   Amendment of applications.
    Sec.  73.3523   Dismissal of applications in renewal proceedings.
    Sec.  73.3525   Agreements for removing application conflicts.
    Sec.  73.3526   Local public inspection file of commercial stations.
    Sec.  73.3527   Local  public inspection file of noncommercial educational
    Sec.  73.3533   Application  for  construction  permit  or modification of
   construction permit.
    Sec.  73.3534   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.3536   Application for license to cover construction permit.
    Sec.  73.3537   Application  for  license to use former main antenna as an
    Sec.  73.3538   Application to make changes in an existing station.
    Sec.  73.3539   Application for renewal of license.
    Sec.  73.3540   Application for voluntary assignment or transfer of control.
    Sec.  73.3541   Application for involuntary assignment of license or transfer of
    Sec.  73.3542   Application for emergency authorization.
    Sec.  73.3543   Application for renewal or modification of special service
    Sec.  73.3544   Application to obtain a modified station license.
    Sec.  73.3545   Application for permit to deliver programs to foreign stations.
    Sec.  73.3549   Requests for extension of time to operate without required
   monitors, indicating instruments, and EAS encoders and decoders.
    Sec.  73.3550   Requests for new or modified call sign assignments.
    Sec.  73.3555   Multiple ownership.
    Sec.  73.3556   Duplication of programming on commonly owned or time brokered
    Sec.  73.3561   Staff consideration of applications requiring Commission action.
    Sec.  73.3562   Staff consideration of applications not requiring action by the
    Sec.  73.3564   Acceptance of applications.
    Sec.  73.3566   Defective applications.
    Sec.  73.3568   Dismissal of applications.
    Sec.  73.3571   Processing of AM broadcast station applications.
    Sec.  73.3572   Processing of TV broadcast, Class A TV broadcast, low power TV,
   TV translators, and TV booster applications.
    Sec.  73.3573   Processing FM broadcast station applications.
    Sec.  73.3574   Processing of international broadcast station applications.
    Sec.  73.3578   Amendments to applications for renewal, assignment or transfer
   of control.
    Sec.  73.3580   Local public notice of filing of broadcast applications.
    Sec.  73.3584   Procedure for filing petitions to deny.
    Sec.  73.3587   Procedure for filing informal objections.
    Sec.  73.3588   Dismissal  of  petitions to deny or withdrawal of informal
    Sec.  73.3589   Threats to file petitions to deny or informal objections.
    Sec.  73.3591   Grants without hearing.
    Sec.  73.3592   Conditional grant.
    Sec.  73.3593   Designation for hearing.
    Sec.  73.3594   Local public notice of designation for hearing.
    Sec.  73.3597   Procedures on transfer and assignment applications.
    Sec.  73.3598   Period of construction.
    Sec.  73.3601   Simultaneous modification and renewal of license.
    Sec.  73.3603   Special waiver procedure relative to applications.
    Sec.  73.3605   Retention of applications in hearing status after designation
   for hearing.
    Sec.  73.3612   Annual employment report.
    Sec.  73.3613   Filing of contracts.
    Sec.  73.3615   Ownership reports.
    Sec.  73.3617   Information available on the Internet.
    Sec.  73.3999   Enforcement of 18 U.S.C. 1464 (restrictions on the transmission
   of obscene and indecent material).
    Sec.  73.4000   Listing of FCC policies.
    Sec.  73.4005   Advertising—refusal to sell.
    Sec.  73.4015   Applications for AM and FM construction permits, incomplete or
    Sec.  73.4017   Application processing: Commercial FM stations.
    Sec.  73.4045   Barter agreements.
    Sec.  73.4050   Children's TV programs.
    Sec.  73.4055   Cigarette advertising.
    Sec.  73.4060   Citizens agreements.
    Sec.  73.4075   Commercials, loud.
    Sec.  73.4082   Comparative broadcast hearings—specialized programming formats.
    Sec.  73.4091   Direct broadcast satellites.
    Sec.  73.4094   Dolby encoder.
    Sec.  73.4095   Drug lyrics.
    Sec.  73.4097   EBS (now EAS) attention signals on automated programing systems.
    Sec.  73.4099   Financial qualifications, certification of.
    Sec.  73.4100   Financial qualifications; new AM and FM stations.
    Sec.  73.4101   Financial qualifications, TV stations.
    Sec.  73.4102   FAA communications, broadcast of.
    Sec.  73.4104   FM assignment policies and procedures.
    Sec.  73.4107   FM broadcast assignments, increasing availability of.
    Sec.  73.4108   FM transmitter site map submissions.
    Sec.  73.4110   Format changes of stations.
    Sec.  73.4135   Interference to TV reception by FM stations.
    Sec.  73.4140   Minority ownership; tax certificates and distress sales.
    Sec.  73.4154   Network/AM, FM station affiliation agreements.
    Sec.  73.4157   Network signals which adversely affect affiliate broadcast
    Sec.  73.4163   Noncommercial nature of educational broadcast stations.
    Sec.  73.4165   Obscene language.
    Sec.  73.4170   Obscene broadcasts.
    Sec.  73.4180   Payment disclosure: Payola, plugola, kickbacks.
    Sec.  73.4185   Political broadcasting and telecasting, the law of.
    Sec.  73.4190   Political  candidate  authorization notice and sponsorship
    Sec.  73.4195   Political advertising by UHF translators.
    Sec.  73.4210   Procedure Manual: “The Public and Broadcasting”.
    Sec.  73.4215   Program matter: Supplier identification.
    Sec.  73.4242   Sponsorship identification rules, applicability of.
    Sec.  73.4246   Stereophonic pilot subcarrier use during monophonic programming.
    Sec.  73.4247   STV: Competing applications.
    Sec.  73.4250   Subliminal perception.
    Sec.  73.4255   Tax certificates: Issuance of.
    Sec.  73.4260   Teaser announcements.
    Sec.  73.4265   Telephone conversation broadcasts (network and like sources).
    Sec.  73.4266   Tender offer and proxy statements.
    Sec.  73.4267   Time brokerage.
    Sec.  73.4275   Tone clusters; audio attention-getting devices.
    Sec.  73.4280   Character evaluation of broadcast applicants.
   Subpart I—Procedures for Competitive Bidding and for Applications for
   Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Stations on Non-Reserved Channels

    Sec.  73.5000   Services subject to competitive bidding.
    Sec.  73.5001   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.5002   Application and certification procedures; return of mutually
   exclusive  applications not subject to competitive bidding procedures;
   prohibition of collusion.
    Sec.  73.5003   Submission of full payments.
    Sec.  73.5004   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.5005   Filing of long-form applications.
    Sec.  73.5006   Filing of petitions to deny against long-form applications.
    Sec.  73.5007   Designated entity provisions.
    Sec.  73.5008   Definitions applicable for designated entity provisions.
    Sec.  73.5009   Assignment or transfer of control.
              Subpart J—Class A Television Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  73.6000   Definitions.
    Sec.  73.6001   Eligibility and service requirements.
    Sec.  73.6002   Licensing requirements.
    Sec.  Sec.  73.6003-73.6005   [Reserved]
    Sec.  73.6006   Channel assignments.
    Sec.  73.6007   Power limitations.
    Sec.  73.6008   Distance computations.
    Sec.  73.6010   Class A TV station protected contour.
    Sec.  73.6011   Protection of TV broadcast stations.
    Sec.  73.6012   Protection  of  Class A TV, low power TV and TV translator
    Sec.  73.6013   Protection of DTV stations.
    Sec.  73.6014   Protection of digital Class A TV stations.
    Sec.  73.6016   Digital Class A TV station protection of TV broadcast stations.
    Sec.  73.6017   Digital Class A TV station protection of Class A TV and digital
   Class A TV stations.
    Sec.  73.6018   Digital Class A TV station protection of DTV stations.
    Sec.  73.6019   Digital  Class A TV station protection of low power TV, TV
   translator, digital low power TV and digital TV translator stations.
    Sec.  73.6020   Protection of stations in the land mobile radio service.
    Sec.  73.6022   Negotiated interference and relocation agreements.
    Sec.  73.6024   Transmission standards and system requirements.
    Sec.  73.6025   Antenna system and station location.
    Sec.  73.6026   Broadcast regulations applicable to Class A television stations.
    Sec.  73.6027   Class  A TV notifications concerning interference to radio
   astronomy, research and receiving installations.
  Subpart K—Application and Selection Procedures for Reserved Noncommercial
    Educational Channels, and for Certain Applications for Noncommercial
               Educational Stations on Non-Reserved Channels

    Sec.  73.7000   Definition of terms (as used in subpart K only).
    Sec.  73.7001   Services subject to evaluation by point system.
    Sec.  73.7002   Fair distribution of service on reserved band FM channels.
    Sec.  73.7003   Point system selection procedures.
    Sec.  73.7004   Petitions to deny tentative selectee(s).
    Sec.  73.7005   Holding period.
       Subpart L—Digital Broadcast Television Redistribution Control

    Sec.  73.8000   Incorporation by reference.
       Subpart M—Digital Broadcast Television Redistribution Control

    Sec.  73.9000   Definitions.
    Sec.  73.9001   Redistribution control of digital television broadcasts.
    Sec.  73.9002   Sale  or distribution of demodulators, covered demodulator
   products, and peripheral TSP products.
    Sec.  73.9003   Compliance  requirements for covered demodulator products:
   Unscreened content.
    Sec.  73.9004   Compliance requirements for covered demodulator products: Marked
    Sec.  73.9005   Compliance requirements for covered demodulator products: Audio.
    Sec.  73.9006   Add-in covered demodulator products.
    Sec.  73.9007   Robustness requirements for covered demodulator products.
    Sec.  73.9008   Interim  approval  of authorized digital output protection
   technologies and authorized recording methods.
    Sec.  73.9009   Manufacture for exportation.
   Alphabetical Index—Part 73

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154, 303, 334, 336 and 339.

Subpart A—AM Broadcast Stations