Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 1, Parts 0 to 19]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

                         Subpart A--Terminology

2.1  Terms and definitions.

     Subpart B--Allocation, Assignment, and Use of Radio Frequencies

2.100  International regulations in force.
2.101  Nomenclature of frequencies.
2.102  Assignment of frequencies.
2.103  Government use of non-Government frequencies.
2.104  International Table of Frequency Allocations.
2.105  United States Table of Frequency Allocations.
2.106  Table of Frequency Allocations.
2.107  Radio astronomy station notification.
2.108  Policy regarding the use of the fixed-satellite allocations in 
          the 3.6-3.7, 4.5-4.8, and 5.85-5.925 GHz bands.

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                          Subpart C--Emissions

2.201  Emission, modulation, and transmission characteristics.
2.202  Bandwidths.

Subpart D--Call Signs and Other Forms of Identifying Radio Transmissions

2.301  Station identification requirement.
2.302  Call signs.
2.303  Other forms of identification of stations.

       Subpart E--Distress, Disaster, and Emergency Communications

2.401  Distress messages.
2.402  Control of distress traffic.
2.403  Retransmission of distress message.
2.404  Resumption of operation after distress.
2.405  Operation during emergency.
2.406  National defense; free service.
2.407  National defense; emergency authorization.

                        Subparts F-G  [Reserved]

              Subpart H--Prohibition Against Eavesdropping

2.701  Prohibition against use of a radio device for eavesdropping.

             Subpart I--Marketing of Radiofrequency Devices

2.801  Radiofrequency device defined.
2.803  Marketing of radio frequency devices prior to equipment 
2.807  Statutory exceptions.
2.811  Transmitters operated under part 73 of this chapter.
2.813  Transmitters operated in the Instructional Television Fixed 
2.815  External radio frequency power amplifiers.

              Subpart J--Equipment Authorization Procedures

                           General Provisions

2.901  Basis and purpose.
2.902  Verification.
2.904  Notification.
2.905  Type acceptance.
2.906  Declaration of Conformity.
2.907  Certification.
2.908  Identical defined.
2.909  Responsible party.

           Application Procedures for Equipment Authorizations

2.911  Written application required.
2.913  Submittal of equipment authorization application or information 
          to the Commission.
2.915  Grant of application.
2.917  Dismissal of application.
2.919  Denial of application.
2.921  Hearing on application.
2.923  Petition for reconsideration; application for review.
2.924  Marketing of electrically identical equipment having multiple 
          trade names and models or type numbers under the same FCC 
2.925  Identification of equipment.
2.926  FCC identifier.

           Conditions Attendant to an Equipment Authorization

2.927  Limitations on grants.
2.929  Nonassignability of an equipment authorization.
2.931  Responsibility of the grantee.
2.932  Modification of equipment.
2.933  Change in identification of equipment.
2.934  Change in name and/or address of grantee.
2.935  Change in control of grantee.
2.936  FCC inspection.
2.937  Equipment defect and/or design change.
2.938  Retention of records.
2.939  Revocation or withdrawal of equipment authorization.
2.941  Availability of information relating to grants.
2.943  Submission of equipment for testing.
2.945  Sampling tests of equipment compliance.
2.946  Penalty for failure to provide test samples and data.
2.947  Measurement procedure.
2.948  Description of measurement facilities.


2.951  Cross reference.
2.952  Limitation on verification.
2.953  Responsibility for compliance.
2.954  Identification.
2.955  Retention of records.
2.956  FCC inspection and submission of equipment for testing.


2.971  Cross reference.
2.973  Limitations on notification.
2.975  Application for notification.
2.977  Changes in notified equipment.

                             Type Acceptance

2.981  Cross reference.
2.983  Application for type acceptance.
2.985  Measurements required: RF power output.
2.987  Measurements required: Modulation characteristics.

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2.989  Measurements required: Occupied bandwidth.
2.991  Measurements required: Spurious emissions at antenna terminals.
2.993  Measurements required: Field strength of spurious radiation.
2.995  Measurements required: Frequency stability.
2.997  Frequency spectrum to be investigated.
2.999  Measurement procedure.
2.1001  Changes in type accepted equipment.
2.1005  Equipment for use in the Amateur Radio Service.


2.1031  Cross reference.
2.1033  Application for certification.
2.1035  [Reserved]
2.1041  Measurement procedure.
2.1043  Changes in certificated equipment.

                    Filing for Application Reference

2.1061  Submission of technical information for application reference.
2.1063  Disclaimer re technical information filed for application 
2.1065  Identification and changes in equipment information filed for 
          application reference.

                        Declaration of Conformity

2.1071  Cross reference.
2.1072  Limitation on Declaration of Conformity.
2.1073  Responsibilities.
2.1074  Identification.
2.1075  Retention of records.
2.1076  FCC inspection and submission of equipment for testing.
2.1077  Compliance information.

                    Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

2.1091  Radiofrequency radiation exposure evaluation: mobile devices.
2.1093  Radiofrequency radiation exposure evaluation: portable devices.

      Subpart K--Importation of Devices Capable of Causing Harmful 

2.1201  Purpose.
2.1202  Exclusions.
2.1203  General requirement for entry into the U.S.A.
2.1204  Import conditions.
2.1205  Filing of required declaration.
2.1207  Examination of imported equipment.

         Subpart L--Registration of Telephone Terminal Equipment

                         Registration Procedure

2.1300  Cross reference.
2.1302  Application for registration under part 68.

   Subpart M--Advance Approval of Subscription TV Transmission Systems

                       Advance Approval Procedure

2.1400  Application for advance approval under part 73.

Subpart N--FCC Procedure for Testing Class A, B and S Emergency Position 
                    Indicating Radiobeacons (EPIRBs)


2.1501  Introduction.
2.1503  Test environment.
2.1505  Test instrumentation and equipment.

              Environmental and Operational Test Procedures

2.1507  Test frequencies.
2.1509  Environmental and duration tests.
2.1511  Measurements of radiated emissions.
2.1513  Measurements of modulation characteristics.
2.1515  Spectral measurements.

                  Data Recording/Reporting Requirements

2.1517  Data recording/reporting requirements.


Figure 1--Measurement Site
Figure 2--Typical Audio Waveform
Figure 3--Example of ideal EPIRB Spectrum
Figure 4--Example of EPIRB Carrier Component

    Authority: 47 U.S.C. 154, 302, 303, 307 and 336, unless otherwise 

    Source: 28 FR 12465, Nov. 22, 1963, unless otherwise noted.

                         Subpart A--Terminology