Table of Parts
                             Subpart A—Preface

    Sec.  32.1   Background.
    Sec.  32.2   Basis of the accounts.
    Sec.  32.3   Authority.
    Sec.  32.4   Communications Act.
                       Subpart B—General Instructions

    Sec.  32.11   Classification of companies.
    Sec.  32.12   Records.
    Sec.  32.13   Accounts—general.
    Sec.  32.14   Regulated accounts.
    Sec.  32.15   [Reserved]
    Sec.  32.16   Changes in accounting standards.
    Sec.  32.17   Interpretation of accounts.
    Sec.  32.18   Waivers.
    Sec.  32.19   Address for reports and correspondence.
    Sec.  32.20   Numbering convention.
    Sec.  32.21   Sequence of accounts.
    Sec.  32.22   Comprehensive interperiod tax allocation.
    Sec.  32.23   Nonregulated activities.
    Sec.  32.24   Compensated absences.
    Sec.  32.25   Unusual items and contingent liabilities.
    Sec.  32.26   Materiality.
    Sec.  32.27   Transactions with affiliates.
             Subpart C—Instructions for Balance Sheet Accounts

    Sec.  32.101   Structure of the balance sheet accounts.
    Sec.  32.102   Nonregulated investments.
    Sec.  32.103   Balance sheet accounts for other than regulated-fixed assets to
   be maintained.
    Sec.  32.1120   Cash and equivalents.
    Sec.  32.1170   Receivables.
    Sec.  32.1171   Allowance for doubtful accounts.
    Sec.  32.1191   Accounts receivable allowance—other.
    Sec.  32.1220   Inventories.
    Sec.  32.1280   Prepayments.
    Sec.  32.1350   Other current assets.
    Sec.  32.1406   Nonregulated investments.
    Sec.  32.1410   Other noncurrent assets.
    Sec.  32.1438   Deferred maintenance and retirements.
    Sec.  32.1500   Other jurisdictional assets—net.
    Sec.  32.2000   Instructions for telecommunications plant accounts.
    Sec.  32.2001   Telecommunications plant in service.
    Sec.  32.2002   Property held for future telecommunications use.
    Sec.  32.2003   Telecommunications plant under construction.
    Sec.  32.2005   Telecommunications plant adjustment.
    Sec.  32.2006   Nonoperating plant.
    Sec.  32.2007   Goodwill.
    Sec.  32.2110   Land and support assets.
    Sec.  32.2111   Land.
    Sec.  32.2112   Motor vehicles.
    Sec.  32.2113   Aircraft.
    Sec.  32.2114   Tools and other work equipment.
    Sec.  32.2121   Buildings.
    Sec.  32.2122   Furniture.
    Sec.  32.2123   Office equipment.
    Sec.  32.2124   General purpose computers.
    Sec.  32.2210   Central office—switching.
    Sec.  32.2211   Non-digital switching.
    Sec.  32.2212   Digital electronic switching.
    Sec.  32.2220   Operator systems.
    Sec.  32.2230   Central office—transmission.
    Sec.  32.2231   Radio systems.
    Sec.  32.2232   Circuit equipment.
    Sec.  32.2310   Information origination/termination.
    Sec.  32.2311   Station apparatus.
    Sec.  32.2321   Customer premises wiring.
    Sec.  32.2341   Large private branch exchanges.
    Sec.  32.2351   Public telephone terminal equipment.
    Sec.  32.2362   Other terminal equipment.
    Sec.  32.2410   Cable and wire facilities.
    Sec.  32.2411   Poles.
    Sec.  32.2421   Aerial cable.
    Sec.  32.2422   Underground cable.
    Sec.  32.2423   Buried cable.
    Sec.  32.2424   Submarine & deep sea cable.
    Sec.  32.2426   Intrabuilding network cable.
    Sec.  32.2431   Aerial wire.
    Sec.  32.2441   Conduit systems.
    Sec.  32.2680   Amortizable tangible assets.
    Sec.  32.2681   Capital leases.
    Sec.  32.2682   Leasehold improvements.
    Sec.  32.2690   Intangibles.
    Sec.  32.3000   Instructions  for  balance sheet accounts—Depreciation and
    Sec.  32.3100   Accumulated depreciation.
    Sec.  32.3200   Accumulated depreciation—held for future telecommunications use.
    Sec.  32.3300   Accumulated depreciation—nonoperating.
    Sec.  32.3400   Accumulated amortization—tangible.
    Sec.  32.3410   Accumulated amortization—capitalized leases.
    Sec.  32.3999   Instructions  for  balance  sheet accounts—liabilities and
   stockholders' equity.
    Sec.  32.4000   Current accounts and notes payable.
    Sec.  32.4040   Customers' deposits.
    Sec.  32.4070   Income taxes—accrued.
    Sec.  32.4080   Other taxes—accrued.
    Sec.  32.4100   Net current deferred operating income taxes.
    Sec.  32.4110   Net current deferred nonoperating income taxes.
    Sec.  32.4130   Other current liabilities.
    Sec.  32.4200   Long term debt and funded debt.
    Sec.  32.4300   Other long-term liabilities and deferred credits.
    Sec.  32.4320   Unamortized operating investment tax credits—net.
    Sec.  32.4330   Unamortized nonoperating investment tax credits—net.
    Sec.  32.4340   Net noncurrent deferred operating income taxes.
    Sec.  32.4341   Net deferred tax liability adjustments.
    Sec.  32.4350   Net noncurrent deferred nonoperating income taxes.
    Sec.  32.4361   Deferred tax regulatory adjustments—net.
    Sec.  32.4370   Other jurisdictional liabilities and deferred credits—net.
    Sec.  32.4510   Capital stock.
    Sec.  32.4520   Additional paid-in capital.
    Sec.  32.4530   Treasury stock.
    Sec.  32.4540   Other capital.
    Sec.  32.4550   Retained earnings.
                Subpart D—Instructions For Revenue Accounts

    Sec.  32.4999   General.
    Sec.  32.5000   Basic local service revenue.
    Sec.  32.5001   Basic area revenue.
    Sec.  32.5002   Optional extended area revenue.
    Sec.  32.5003   Cellular mobile revenue.
    Sec.  32.5040   Private line revenue.
    Sec.  32.5060   Other basic area revenue.
    Sec.  32.5081   End user revenue.
    Sec.  32.5082   Switched access revenue.
    Sec.  32.5083   Special access revenue.
    Sec.  32.5100   Long distance message revenue.
    Sec.  32.5200   Miscellaneous revenue.
    Sec.  32.5230   Directory revenue.
    Sec.  32.5280   Nonregulated operating revenue.
    Sec.  32.5300   Uncollectible revenue.
                Subpart E—Instructions for Expense Accounts

    Sec.  32.5999   General.
    Sec.  32.6110   Network support expenses.
    Sec.  32.6112   Motor vehicle expense.
    Sec.  32.6113   Aircraft expense.
    Sec.  32.6114   Tools and other work equipment expense.
    Sec.  32.6120   General support expenses.
    Sec.  32.6121   Land and building expense.
    Sec.  32.6122   Furniture and artworks expense.
    Sec.  32.6123   Office equipment expense.
    Sec.  32.6124   General purpose computers expense.
    Sec.  32.6210   Central office switching expenses.
    Sec.  32.6211   Non-digital switching expense.
    Sec.  32.6212   Digital electronic switching expense.
    Sec.  32.6220   Operator systems expense.
    Sec.  32.6230   Central office transmission expense.
    Sec.  32.6231   Radio systems expense.
    Sec.  32.6232   Circuit equipment expense.
    Sec.  32.6310   Information origination/termination expenses.
    Sec.  32.6311   Station apparatus expense.
    Sec.  32.6341   Large private branch exchange expense.
    Sec.  32.6351   Public telephone terminal equipment expense.
    Sec.  32.6362   Other terminal equipment expense.
    Sec.  32.6410   Cable and wire facilities expenses.
    Sec.  32.6411   Poles expense.
    Sec.  32.6421   Aerial cable expense.
    Sec.  32.6422   Underground cable expense.
    Sec.  32.6423   Buried cable expense.
    Sec.  32.6424   Submarine and deep sea cable expense.
    Sec.  32.6426   Intrabuilding network cable expense.
    Sec.  32.6431   Aerial wire expense.
    Sec.  32.6441   Conduit systems expense.
    Sec.  32.6510   Other property, plant and equipment expenses.
    Sec.  32.6511   Property held for future telecommunications use expense.
    Sec.  32.6512   Provisioning expense.
    Sec.  32.6530   Network operations expense.
    Sec.  32.6531   Power expense.
    Sec.  32.6532   Network administration expense.
    Sec.  32.6533   Testing expense.
    Sec.  32.6534   Plant operations administration expense.
    Sec.  32.6535   Engineering expense.
    Sec.  32.6540   Access expense.
    Sec.  32.6560   Depreciation and amortization expenses.
    Sec.  32.6561   Depreciation expense—telecommunications plant in service.
    Sec.  32.6562   Depreciation expense—property held for future telecommunications
    Sec.  32.6563   Amortization expense—tangible.
    Sec.  32.6564   Amortization expense—intangible.
    Sec.  32.6565   Amortization expense—other.
    Sec.  32.6610   Marketing.
    Sec.  32.6611   Product management and sales.
    Sec.  32.6613   Product advertising.
    Sec.  32.6620   Services.
    Sec.  32.6621   Call completion services.
    Sec.  32.6622   Number services.
    Sec.  32.6623   Customer services.
    Sec.  32.6720   General and administrative.
    Sec.  32.6790   Provision for uncollectible notes receivable.
              Subpart F—Instructions For Other Income Accounts

    Sec.  32.6999   General.
    Sec.  32.7100   Other operating income and expenses.
    Sec.  32.7199   Content of accounts.
    Sec.  32.7200   Operating taxes.
    Sec.  32.7210   Operating investment tax credits—net.
    Sec.  32.7220   Operating Federal income taxes.
    Sec.  32.7230   Operating state and local income taxes.
    Sec.  32.7240   Operating other taxes.
    Sec.  32.7250   Provision for deferred operating income taxes—net.
    Sec.  32.7300   Nonoperating income and expense.
    Sec.  32.7400   Nonoperating taxes.
    Sec.  32.7500   Interest and related items.
    Sec.  32.7600   Extraordinary items.
    Sec.  32.7899   Content of accounts.
    Sec.  32.7910   Income effect of jurisdictional ratemaking differences—net.
    Sec.  32.7990   Nonregulated net income.
                             Subpart G—Glossary

    Sec.  32.9000   Glossary of terms.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154(i), 154(j) and 220 as amended, unless otherwise

   Source:   51 FR 43499, Dec. 2, 1986, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—Preface