Table of Parts
                           Subpart A—Organization

    Sec.  0.1   The Commission.
    Sec.  0.3   The Chairman.
    Sec.  0.5   General description of Commission organization and operations.
   Office of Managing Director
    Sec.  0.11   Functions of the Office.
   Office of Inspector General
    Sec.  0.13   Functions of the Office.
   Office of Media Relations
    Sec.  0.15   Functions of the Office.
   Office of Legislative Affairs
    Sec.  0.17   Functions of the Office.
   Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis
    Sec.  0.21   Functions of the Office.
   Office of Engineering and Technology
    Sec.  0.31   Functions of the Office.
   Office of General Counsel
    Sec.  0.41   Functions of the Office.
   International Bureau
    Sec.  0.51   Functions of the Bureau.
   Media Bureau
    Sec.  0.61   Functions of the Bureau.
   Office of Workplace Diversity
    Sec.  0.81   Functions of the Office.
   Wireline Competition Bureau
    Sec.  0.91   Functions of the Bureau.
   Office of Communications Business Opportunities
    Sec.  0.101   Functions of the office.
   Enforcement Bureau
    Sec.  0.111   Functions of the Bureau.
    Sec.  0.121   Location of field installations.
   Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
    Sec.  0.131   Functions of the Bureau.
   Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
    Sec.  0.141   Functions of the Bureau.
   Office of Administrative Law Judges
    Sec.  0.151   Functions of the Office.
   Homeland Security, Defense and Emergency Preparedness Functions
    Sec.  0.181   The Defense Commissioner.
    Sec.  0.182   Chief, Enforcement Bureau.
    Sec.  0.185   Responsibilities of the bureaus and staff offices.
    Sec.  0.186   Emergency Relocation Board.
                     Subpart B—Delegations of Authority

    Sec.  0.201   General provisions.
    Sec.  0.203   Authority  of person, panel, or board to which functions are
    Sec.  0.204   The exercise of delegated authority.
    Sec.  0.211   Chairman.
    Sec.  0.212   Board of Commissioners.
    Sec.  0.218   Authority of, and delegated to, an individual Commissioner or
   Managing Director
    Sec.  0.231   Authority delegated.
   Chief Engineer
    Sec.  0.241   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.247   Record of actions taken.
   General Counsel
    Sec.  0.251   Authority delegated.
   International Bureau
    Sec.  0.261   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.262   Record of actions taken.
   Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis
    Sec.  0.271   Authority delegated.
   Chief, Media Bureau
    Sec.  0.283   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.284   Actions taken under delegated authority.
    Sec.  0.285   Record of actions taken.
   Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau
    Sec.  0.291   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.301   [Reserved]
    Sec.  0.302   Record of actions taken.
    Sec.  0.303   [Reserved]
    Sec.  0.304   Authority for determinations of exempt telecommunications company
   Enforcement Bureau
    Sec.  0.311   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.314   Additional authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.317   Record of action taken.
   Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
    Sec.  0.331   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.332   Actions taken under delegated authority.
    Sec.  Sec.  0.333-0.337   [Reserved]
   Administrative Law Judges
    Sec.  0.341   Authority of administrative law judge.
    Sec.  0.347   Record of actions taken.
   Chief Administrative Law Judge
    Sec.  0.351   Authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.357   Record of actions taken.
   Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
    Sec.  0.361   Authority delegated.
   Office of Communications Business Opportunities
    Sec.  0.371   Authority delegated.
   National Security and Emergency Preparedness Delegations
    Sec.  0.381   Defense Commissioner.
    Sec.  0.383   Emergency Relocation Board, authority delegated.
    Sec.  0.387   Other national security and emergency preparedness delegations;
   cross reference.
   Office of Workplace Diversity
    Sec.  0.391   Authority delegated.
                       Subpart C—General Information

    Sec.  0.401   Location of Commission offices.
    Sec.  0.403   Office hours.
    Sec.  0.405   Statutory provisions.
    Sec.  0.406   The rules and regulations.
    Sec.  0.408   OMB control numbers and expiration dates assigned pursuant to the
   Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
    Sec.  0.409   Commission policy on private printing of FCC forms.
   Printed Publications
    Sec.  0.411   General reference materials.
    Sec.  0.413   The Commission's printed publications.
    Sec.  0.414   The Communications Act and other statutory materials.
    Sec.  0.415   The rules and regulations (looseleaf service).
    Sec.  0.416   The Federal Communications Commission Record.
    Sec.  0.417   The Annual Reports.
    Sec.  0.420   Other Commission publications.
   Forms and Documents Available Upon Request
    Sec.  0.421   Application forms.
    Sec.  0.422   Current action documents and public notices.
    Sec.  0.423   Information bulletins.
   Lists Containing Information Compiled by the Commission
    Sec.  0.431   The FCC service frequency lists.
    Sec.  0.434   Data bases and lists of authorized broadcast stations and pending
   broadcast applications.
   Public Information and Inspection of Records
    Sec.  0.441   General.
    Sec.  0.442   Disclosure to other Federal government agencies of information
   submitted to the Commission in confidence.
    Sec.  0.445   Publication, availability and use of opinions, orders, policy
   statements, interpretations, administrative manuals, and staff instructions.
    Sec.  0.451   Inspection of records: Generally.
    Sec.  0.453   Public reference rooms.
    Sec.  0.455   Other locations at which records may be inspected.
    Sec.  0.457   Records not routinely available for public inspection.
    Sec.  0.458   Nonpublic information.
    Sec.  0.459   Requests that materials or information submitted to the Commission
   be withheld from public inspection.
    Sec.  0.460   Requests for inspection of records which are routinely available
   for public inspection.
    Sec.  0.461   Requests for inspection of materials not routinely available for
   public inspection.
    Sec.  0.463   Demand by competent authority for the production of documents or
   testimony concerning information contained therein.
    Sec.  0.465   Request for copies of materials which are available, or made
   available, for public inspection.
    Sec.  0.466   Definitions.
    Sec.  0.467   Search and review fees.
    Sec.  0.468   Interest.
    Sec.  0.469   Advance payments.
    Sec.  0.470   Assessment of fees.
   Places for Making Submittals or Requests, for Filing Applications, and for
   Taking Examinations
    Sec.  0.471   Miscellaneous submittals or requests.
    Sec.  0.473   Reports of violations.
    Sec.  0.475   Applications for employment.
    Sec.  0.481   Place of filing applications for radio authorizations.
    Sec.  0.482   Application for waiver of wireless radio service rules.
    Sec.  0.483   Applications for amateur or commercial radio operator licenses.
    Sec.  0.484   Amateur radio operator examinations.
    Sec.  0.485   Commercial radio operator examinations.
    Sec.  0.489   Applications for ship radio inspection and periodical survey.
    Sec.  0.491   Application for exemption from compulsory ship radio requirements.
    Sec.  0.493   Non-radio common carrier applications.
   Subpart D—Mandatory Declassification of National Security Information

    Sec.  0.501   General.
    Sec.  0.502   Purpose.
    Sec.  0.503   Submission of requests for mandatory declassification review.
    Sec.  0.504   Processing requests for declassification.
    Sec.  0.505   Fees and charges.
    Sec.  0.506   FOIA and Privacy Act requests.
                     Subpart E—Privacy Act Regulations

    Sec.  0.551   Purpose and scope; definitions.
    Sec.  0.552   Notice identifying Commission systems of records.
    Sec.  0.553   New uses of information.
    Sec.  0.554   Procedures for requests pertaining to individual records in a
   system of records.
    Sec.  0.555   Disclosure of record information to individuals.
    Sec.  0.556   Request to correct or amend records.
    Sec.  0.557   Administrative  review of an initial decision not to amend a
    Sec.  0.558   Advice and assistance.
    Sec.  0.559   Disclosure of disputed information to persons other than the
   individual to whom it pertains.
    Sec.  0.560   Penalty for false representation of identity.
    Sec.  0.561   Exemptions.
                        Subpart F—Meeting Procedures

    Sec.  0.601   Definitions.
    Sec.  0.602   Open meetings.
    Sec.  0.603   Bases for closing a meeting to the public.
    Sec.  0.605   Procedures for announcing meetings.
    Sec.  0.606   Procedures for closing a meeting to the public.
    Sec.  0.607   Transcript, recording or minutes; availability to the public.
                 Subpart G—Intergovernmental Communication

    Sec.  0.701   Intergovernmental Advisory Committee.

   Authority:   Sec. 5, 48 Stat. 1068, as amended; 47 U.S.C. 155, 225, unless
   otherwise noted.

Subpart A—Organization

   Authority:   Secs. 5, 48 Stat. 1068, as amended; 47 U.S.C. 155.