Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 3, Parts 40 to 69]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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[CITE: 47CFR69]

[Page 392-446]
                      TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

                           Subpart A--General

69.1  Application of access charges.
69.2  Definitions.
69.3  Filing of access service tariffs.
69.4  Charges to be filed.
69.5  Persons to be assessed.

                    Subpart B--Computation of Charges

69.101  General.
69.104  End user common line for non-price cap incumbent local exchange 
69.105  Carrier common line for non-price cap local exchange carriers.
69.106  Local switching.
69.108  Transport rate benchmark.
69.109  Information.
69.110  Entrance facilities.
69.111  Tandem-switched transport and tandem charge.
69.112  Direct-trunked transport.
69.113  Non-premium charges for MTS-WATS equivalent services.
69.114  Special access.
69.115  Special access surcharges.
69.116  Universal service fund.
69.117  Lifeline assistance.
69.118  Traffic sensitive switched services.
69.119  Basic service element expedited approval process.
69.120  Line information database.
69.121  Connection charges for expanded interconnection.
69.123  Density pricing zones for special access and switched transport.
69.124  Interconnection charge.
69.125  Dedicated signalling transport.
69.126  Nonrecurring charges.
69.127  Transitional Equal Charge Rule.
69.128  Billing name and address.
69.129  Signalling for tandem switching.

 Subpart C--Computation of Charges for Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers

69.151  Applicability.
69.152  End user common line for price cap local exchange carriers.
69.153  Presubscribed interexchange carrier charge (PICC).
69.154  Per-minute carrier common line charge.
69.155  Per-minute residual interconnection charge.
69.156  Marketing expenses.
69.157  Line port costs in excess of basic, analog service.

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               Subpart D--Apportionment of Net Investment

69.301  General.
69.302  Net investment.
69.303  Information origination/termination equipment (IOT).
69.304  Subscriber line cable and wire facilities.
69.305  Carrier cable and wire facilities (C&WF).
69.306  Central office equipment (COE).
69.307  General support facilities.
69.308  [Reserved]
69.309  Other investment.
69.310  Capital leases.

                  Subpart E--Apportionment of Expenses

69.401  Direct expenses.
69.402  Operating taxes (Account 7200).
69.403  Marketing expenses (Account 6610).
69.404  Telephone operator services expenses in Account 6620.
69.405  Published directory expenses in Account 6620.
69.406  Local business office expenses in Account 6620.
69.407  Revenue accounting expenses in Account 6620.
69.408  All other customer services expenses in Account 6620.
69.409  Corporate operations expenses (Accounts 6710 and 6720).
69.411  Other expenses.
69.412  Non participating company payments/receipts.
69.413  Universal service fund expenses.
69.414  Lifeline assistance expenses.

    Subpart F--Segregation of Common Line Element Revenue Requirement

69.501  General.
69.502  Base factor allocation.

                 Subpart G--Exchange Carrier Association

69.600  Definitions.
69.601  Exchange carrier association.
69.602  Board of directors.
69.603  Association functions.
69.604  Billing and collection of access charges.
69.605  Reporting and distribution of pool access revenues.
69.606  Computation of average schedule company payments.
69.607  Disbursement of Carrier Common Line residue.
69.608  Carrier Common Line hypothetical net balance.
69.609  End User Common Line hypothetical net balances.
69.610  Other hypothetical net balances.
69.611  Effect of optional alternative carrier common line tariff 
          provisions and end user common line surcharges.
69.612  Long term and transitional support.
69.613  Temporary administrator of universal service support mechanisms.
69.614  Independent subsidiary Board of Directors.
69.615  High Cost and Low Income Committee.
69.616  Independent subsidiary functions.
69.617  Schools and Libraries Corporation and Rural Health Care 
69.618  Rural Health Care Corporation functions.
69.619  Schools and Libraries Corporation functions.
69.620  Administrative expenses of independent subsidiary, Schools and 
          Libraries Corporation, and Rural Health Care Corporation.
69.621  Audits of independent subsidiary, Schools and Libraries 
          Corporation, and Rural Health Care Corporation.
69.622  Transition to the permanent Administrator.

    Authority: 47 U.S.C. 154, 201, 202, 203, 205, 218, 220, 254, 403.

    Source:  48 FR 10358, Mar. 11, 1983, unless otherwise noted.

                           Subpart A--General