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FCC 13.207
Revised as of October 2, 2015
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  § 13.207   Preparing an examination.

   (a) Each telegraphy message and each written question set administered to an
   examinee for a commercial radio operator license must be provided by a

   (b) Each question set administered to an examinee must utilize questions
   taken from the applicable Element question pool. The COLEM may obtain the
   written question sets from a supplier or other COLEM.

   (c) A telegraphy examination must consist of a plain language text or code
   group message sent in the international Morse code at no less than the
   prescribed speed for a minimum of five minutes. The message must contain
   each required telegraphy character at least once. No message known to the
   examinee may be administered in a telegraphy examination. Each five letters
   of the alphabet must be counted as one word or one code group. Each numeral,
   punctuation  mark,  and  prosign must be counted as two letters of the
   alphabet. The COLEM may obtain the telegraphy message from a supplier or
   other COLEM.

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Goto Year: 2014 | 2016
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