Table of Parts
                             Subpart A—General

    Sec.  76.1   Purpose.
    Sec.  76.3   Other pertinent rules.
    Sec.  76.5   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.6   General pleading requirements.
    Sec.  76.7   General special relief, waiver, enforcement, complaint, show cause,
   forfeiture, and declaratory ruling procedures.
    Sec.  76.8   Status conference.
    Sec.  76.9   Confidentiality of proprietary information.
    Sec.  76.10   Review.
    Sec.  76.11   Lockbox enforcement.
                     Subpart B—Registration Statements

    Sec.  76.29   Special temporary authority.
     Subpart C—Federal-State/Local Regulatory Relationships [Reserved]

             Subpart D—Carriage of Television Broadcast Signals

    Sec.  76.51   Major television markets.
    Sec.  76.53   Reference points.
    Sec.  76.54   Significantly viewed signals; method to be followed for special
    Sec.  76.55   Definitions applicable to the must-carry rules.
    Sec.  76.56   Signal carriage obligations.
    Sec.  76.57   Channel positioning.
    Sec.  76.59   Modification of television markets.
    Sec.  76.60   Compensation for carriage.
    Sec.  76.61   Disputes concerning carriage.
    Sec.  76.62   Manner of carriage.
    Sec.  76.64   Retransmission consent.
    Sec.  76.65   Good faith and exclusive retransmission consent complaints.
    Sec.  76.66   Satellite broadcast signal carriage.
    Sec.  76.70   Exemption from input selector switch rules.
            Subpart E—Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements

    Sec.  76.71   Scope of application.
    Sec.  76.73   General EEO policy.
    Sec.  76.75   Specific EEO program requirements.
    Sec.  76.77   Reporting requirements and enforcement.
    Sec.  76.79   Records available for public inspection.
  Subpart F—Network Non-duplication Protection, Syndicated Exclusivity and
                              Sports Blackout

    Sec.  76.92   Cable network non-duplication; extent of protection.
    Sec.  76.93   Parties entitled to network non-duplication protection.
    Sec.  76.94   Notification.
    Sec.  76.95   Exceptions.
    Sec.  76.101   Cable syndicated program exclusivity: extent of protection.
    Sec.  76.103   Parties entitled to syndicated exclusivity.
    Sec.  76.105   Notification.
    Sec.  76.106   Exceptions.
    Sec.  76.107   Exclusivity contracts.
    Sec.  76.108   Indemnification contracts.
    Sec.  76.109   Requirements for invocation of protection.
    Sec.  76.110   Substitutions.
    Sec.  76.111   Cable sports blackout.
    Sec.  76.120   Network non-duplication protection, syndicated exclusivity and
   sports blackout rules for satellite carriers: Definitions.
    Sec.  76.122   Satellite network non-duplication.
    Sec.  76.123   Satellite syndicated program exclusivity.
    Sec.  76.124   Requirements for invocation of protection.
    Sec.  76.125   Indemnification contracts.
    Sec.  76.127   Satellite sports blackout.
    Sec.  76.128   Application of sports blackout rules.
    Sec.  76.130   Substitutions.
                           Subpart G—Cablecasting

    Sec.  76.205   Origination cablecasts by legally qualified candidates for public
   office; equal opportunities.
    Sec.  76.206   Candidate rates.
    Sec.  76.209   Fairness doctrine; personal attacks; political editorials.
    Sec.  76.213   Lotteries.
    Sec.  76.225   Commercial limits in children's programs.
    Sec.  76.227   [Reserved]
                  Subpart H—General Operating Requirements

    Sec.  76.309   Customer service obligations.
                        Subpart I—Forms and Reports

    Sec.  76.403   Cable television system reports.
                    Subpart J—Ownership of Cable Systems

    Sec.  76.501   Cross-ownership.
    Sec.  76.502   Time limits applicable to franchise authority consideration of
   transfer applications.
    Sec.  76.503   National subscriber limits.
    Sec.  76.504   Limits on carriage of vertically integrated programming.
    Sec.  76.505   Prohibition on buy outs.
                       Subpart K—Technical Standards

    Sec.  76.601   Performance tests.
    Sec.  76.602   Incorporation by reference.
    Sec.  76.605   Technical standards.
    Sec.  76.606   Closed captioning.
    Sec.  76.609   Measurements.
    Sec.  76.610   Operation in the frequency bands 108–137 and 225–400 MHz—scope of
    Sec.  76.611   Cable television basic signal leakage performance criteria.
    Sec.  76.612   Cable television frequency separation standards.
    Sec.  76.613   Interference from a multichannel video programming distributor
    Sec.  76.614   Cable television system regular monitoring.
    Sec.  76.616   Operation near certain aeronautical and marine emergency radio
    Sec.  76.617   Responsibility for interference.
    Sec.  Sec.  76.618-76.620   [Reserved]
    Sec.  76.630   Compatibility with consumer electronics equipment.
    Sec.  76.640   Support for unidirectional digital cable products on digital
   cable systems.
                     Subpart L—Cable Television Access

    Sec.  76.701   Leased access channels.
    Sec.  76.702   Public access.
                       Subpart M—Cable Inside Wiring

    Sec.  76.800   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.801   Scope.
    Sec.  76.802   Disposition of cable home wiring.
    Sec.  76.804   Disposition of home run wiring.
    Sec.  76.805   Access to molding.
    Sec.  76.806   Pre-termination access to cable home wiring.
                      Subpart N—Cable Rate Regulation

    Sec.  76.901   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.905   Standards  for  identification  of cable systems subject to
   effective competition.
    Sec.  76.906   Presumption of no effective competition.
    Sec.  76.907   Petition for a determination of effective competition.
    Sec.  76.910   Franchising authority certification.
    Sec.  76.911   Petition for reconsideration of certification.
    Sec.  76.912   Joint certification.
    Sec.  76.913   Assumption of jurisdiction by the Commission.
    Sec.  76.914   Revocation of certification.
    Sec.  76.916   Petition for recertification.
    Sec.  76.917   Notification of certification withdrawal.
    Sec.  76.920   Composition of the basic tier.
    Sec.  76.921   Buy-through of other tiers prohibited.
    Sec.  76.922   Rates for the basic service tier and cable programming services
    Sec.  76.923   Rates for equipment and installation used to receive the basic
   service tier.
    Sec.  76.924   Allocation to service cost categories.
    Sec.  76.925   Costs of franchise requirements.
    Sec.  76.930   Initiation of review of basic cable service and equipment rates.
    Sec.  76.933   Franchising authority review of basic cable rates and equipment
    Sec.  76.934   Small systems and small cable companies.
    Sec.  76.935   Participation of interested parties.
    Sec.  76.936   Written decision.
    Sec.  76.937   Burden of proof.
    Sec.  76.938   Proprietary information.
    Sec.  76.939   Truthful  written  statements  and responses to requests of
   franchising authority.
    Sec.  76.940   Prospective rate reduction.
    Sec.  76.941   Rate prescription.
    Sec.  76.942   Refunds.
    Sec.  76.943   Fines.
    Sec.  76.944   Commission review of franchising authority decisions on rates for
   the basic service tier and associated equipment.
    Sec.  76.945   Procedures for Commission review of basic service rates.
    Sec.  76.946   Advertising of rates.
    Sec.  76.950   Complaints regarding cable programming service rates.
    Sec.  76.951   Standard complaint form; other filing requirements.
    Sec.  76.952   Information  to  be  provided  by cable operator on monthly
   subscriber bills.
    Sec.  76.953   Limitation on filing a complaint.
    Sec.  76.954   Initial  review  of complaint; minimum showing requirement;
   dismissal of defective complaints.
    Sec.  76.955   Additional opportunity to file corrected complaint.
    Sec.  76.956   Cable operator response.
    Sec.  76.957   Commission adjudication of the complaint.
    Sec.  76.960   Prospective rate reductions.
    Sec.  76.961   Refunds.
    Sec.  76.962   Implementation and certification of compliance.
    Sec.  76.963   Forfeiture.
    Sec.  76.970   Commercial leased access rates.
    Sec.  76.971   Commercial leased access terms and conditions.
    Sec.  76.975   Commercial leased access dispute resolution.
    Sec.  76.977   Minority and educational programming used in lieu of designated
   commercial leased access capacity.
    Sec.  76.980   Charges for customer changes.
    Sec.  76.981   Negative option billing.
    Sec.  76.982   Continuation of rate agreements.
    Sec.  76.983   Discrimination.
    Sec.  76.984   Geographically uniform rate structure.
    Sec.  76.985   Subscriber bill itemization.
    Sec.  76.986   “A la carte” offerings.
    Sec.  76.987   New product tiers.
    Sec.  76.990   Small cable operators.
             Subpart O—Competitive Access to Cable Programming

    Sec.  76.1000   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.1001   Unfair practices generally.
    Sec.  76.1002   Specific unfair practices prohibited.
    Sec.  76.1003   Program access proceedings.
    Sec.  76.1004   Applicability of program access rules to common carriers and
    Sec.  Sec.  76.1005-76.1010   [Reserved]
          Subpart P—Competitive Availability of Navigation Devices

    Sec.  76.1200   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.1201   Rights of subscribers to use or attach navigation devices.
    Sec.  76.1202   Availability of navigation devices.
    Sec.  76.1203   Incidence of harm.
    Sec.  76.1204   Availability of equipment performing conditional access or
   security functions.
    Sec.  76.1205   Availability of interface information.
    Sec.  76.1206   Equipment sale or lease charge subsidy prohibition.
    Sec.  76.1207   Waivers.
    Sec.  76.1208   Sunset of regulations.
    Sec.  76.1209   Theft of service.
    Sec.  76.1210   Effect on other rules.
                Subpart Q—Regulation of Carriage Agreements

    Sec.  76.1300   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.1301   Prohibited practices.
    Sec.  76.1302   Carriage agreement proceedings.
    Sec.  Sec.  76.1303-76.1305   [Reserved]
              Subpart R—Telecommunications Act Implementation

    Sec.  76.1400   Purpose.
    Sec.  76.1402   CPST rate complaints.
    Sec.  76.1404   Use of cable facilities by local exchange carriers.
                        Subpart S—Open Video Systems

    Sec.  76.1500   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.1501   Qualifications to be an open video system operator.
    Sec.  76.1502   Certification.
    Sec.  76.1503   Carriage of video programming providers on open video systems.
    Sec.  76.1504   Rates, terms and conditions for carriage on open video systems.
    Sec.  76.1505   Public, educational and governmental access.
    Sec.  76.1506   Carriage of television broadcast signals.
    Sec.  76.1507   Competitive access to satellite cable programming.
    Sec.  76.1508   Network non-duplication.
    Sec.  76.1509   Syndicated program exclusivity.
    Sec.  76.1510   Application of certain Title VI provisions.
    Sec.  76.1511   Fees.
    Sec.  76.1512   Programming information.
    Sec.  76.1513   Open video dispute resolution.
    Sec.  76.1514   Bundling of video and local exchange services.
                             Subpart T—Notices

    Sec.  76.1601   Deletion or repositioning of broadcast signals.
    Sec.  76.1602   Customer service—general information.
    Sec.  76.1603   Customer service—rate and service changes.
    Sec.  76.1604   Charges for customer service changes.
    Sec.  76.1605   New product tier.
    Sec.  76.1606   Rate change while complaint pending.
    Sec.  76.1607   Principal headend.
    Sec.  76.1608   System technical integration requiring uniform election of
   must-carry or retransmission consent status.
    Sec.  76.1609   Non-duplication and syndicated exclusivity.
    Sec.  76.1610   Change of operational information.
    Sec.  76.1611   Political cable rates and classes of time.
    Sec.  76.1612   Personal attack.
    Sec.  76.1613   Political editorials.
    Sec.  76.1614   Identification of must-carry signals.
    Sec.  76.1615   Sponsorship identification.
    Sec.  76.1616   Contracts with local exchange carriers.
    Sec.  76.1617   Initial must-carry notice.
    Sec.  76.1618   Basic tier availability.
    Sec.  76.1619   Information on subscriber bills.
    Sec.  76.1620   Availability of signals.
    Sec.  76.1621   Equipment compatibility offer.
    Sec.  76.1622   Consumer education program on compatibility.
            Subpart U—Documents to be Maintained for Inspection

    Sec.  76.1700   Records to be maintained by cable system operators.
    Sec.  76.1701   Political file.
    Sec.  76.1702   Equal employment opportunity.
    Sec.  76.1703   Commercial records on children's programs.
    Sec.  76.1704   Proof-of-performance test data.
    Sec.  76.1705   Performance tests (channels delivered).
    Sec.  76.1706   Signal leakage logs and repair records.
    Sec.  76.1707   Leased access.
    Sec.  76.1708   Principal headend.
    Sec.  76.1709   Availability of signals.
    Sec.  76.1710   Operator interests in video programming.
    Sec.  76.1711   Emergency alert system (EAS) tests and activation.
    Sec.  76.1712   Open video system (OVS) requests for carriage.
    Sec.  76.1713   Complaint resolution.
    Sec.  76.1714   FCC rules and regulations.
    Sec.  76.1715   Sponsorship identification.
    Sec.  76.1716   Subscriber records and public inspection file.
    Sec.  76.1717   Compliance with technical standards.
                       Subpart V—Reports and Filings

    Sec.  76.1800   Additional reports and filings.
    Sec.  76.1801   Registration statement.
    Sec.  76.1802   Annual employment report.
    Sec.  76.1803   Signal leakage monitoring.
    Sec.  76.1804   Aeronautical frequencies: leakage monitoring (CLI).
    Sec.  76.1805   Alternative rate regulation agreements.
                          Subpart W—Encoding Rules

    Sec.  76.1901   Applicability.
    Sec.  76.1902   Definitions.
    Sec.  76.1903   Interfaces.
    Sec.  76.1904   Encoding rules for defined business models.
    Sec.  76.1905   Petitions to modify encoding rules for new services within
   defined business models.
    Sec.  76.1906   Encoding rules for undefined business models.
    Sec.  76.1907   Temporary bona fide trials.
    Sec.  76.1908   Certain practices not prohibited.
    Sec.  76.1909   Redistribution  control of unencrypted digital terrestrial
   broadcast content.
   Alphabetical Index—Part 76

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 151, 152, 153, 154, 301, 302, 302a, 303, 303a, 307,
   308, 309, 312, 315, 317, 325, 338, 339, 340, 503, 521, 522, 531, 532, 533,
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   561, 571, 572, and 573.

   Source:   37 FR 3278, Feb. 12, 1972, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General