Table of Parts
                       Subpart A—General Information

    Sec.  51.1   Basis and purpose.
    Sec.  51.3   Applicability to negotiated agreements.
    Sec.  51.5   Terms and definitions.
                   Subpart B—Telecommunications Carriers

    Sec.  51.100   General duty.
            Subpart C—Obligations of All Local Exchange Carriers

    Sec.  51.201   Resale.
    Sec.  51.203   Number portability.
    Sec.  51.205   Dialing parity: General.
    Sec.  51.207   Local dialing parity.
    Sec.  51.209   Toll dialing parity.
    Sec.  51.211   Toll dialing parity implementation schedule.
    Sec.  51.213   Toll dialing parity implementation plans.
    Sec.  51.215   Dialing parity: Cost recovery.
    Sec.  51.217   Nondiscriminatory access: Telephone numbers, operator services,
   directory assistance services, and directory listings.
    Sec.  51.219   Access to rights of way.
    Sec.  51.221   Reciprocal compensation.
    Sec.  51.223   Application of additional requirements.
    Sec.  51.230   Presumption  of acceptability for deployment of an advanced
   services loop technology.
    Sec.  51.231   Provision of information on advanced services deployment.
    Sec.  51.232   Binder group management.
    Sec.  51.233   Significant degradation of services caused by deployment of
   advanced services.
   Subpart D—Additional Obligations of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers

    Sec.  51.301   Duty to negotiate.
    Sec.  51.303   Preexisting agreements.
    Sec.  51.305   Interconnection.
    Sec.  51.307   Duty to provide access on an unbundled basis to network elements.
    Sec.  51.309   Use of unbundled network elements.
    Sec.  51.311   Nondiscriminatory access to unbundled network elements.
    Sec.  51.313   Just, reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions for
   the provision of unbundled network elements.
    Sec.  51.315   Combination of unbundled network elements.
    Sec.  51.316   Conversion of unbundled network elements and services.
    Sec.  51.317   Standards for requiring the unbundling of network elements.
    Sec.  51.318   Eligibility criteria for access to certain unbundled network
    Sec.  51.319   Specific unbundling requirements.
    Sec.  51.320   Assumption of responsibility by the Commission.
    Sec.  51.321   Methods of obtaining interconnection and access to unbundled
   elements under section 251 of the Act.
    Sec.  51.323   Standards for physical collocation and virtual collocation.
    Sec.  51.325   Notice of network changes: Public notice requirement.
    Sec.  51.327   Notice of network changes: Content of notice.
    Sec.  51.329   Notice of network changes: Methods for providing notice.
    Sec.  51.331   Notice of network changes: Timing of notice.
    Sec.  51.333   Notice of network changes: Short term notice, objections thereto
   and objections to retirement of copper loops or copper subloops.
    Sec.  51.335   Notice  of  network  changes:  Confidential  or proprietary
   Subpart E—Exemptions, Suspensions, and Modifications of Requirements of
                           Section 251 of the Act

    Sec.  51.401   State authority.
    Sec.  51.403   Carriers eligible for suspension or modification under section
   251(f)(2) of the Act.
    Sec.  51.405   Burden of proof.
                       Subpart F—Pricing of Elements

    Sec.  51.501   Scope.
    Sec.  51.503   General pricing standard.
    Sec.  51.505   Forward-looking economic cost.
    Sec.  51.507   General rate structure standard.
    Sec.  51.509   Rate structure standards for specific elements.
    Sec.  51.511   Forward-looking economic cost per unit.
    Sec.  51.513   Proxies for forward-looking economic cost.
    Sec.  51.515   Application of access charges.
                              Subpart G—Resale

    Sec.  51.601   Scope of resale rules.
    Sec.  51.603   Resale obligation of all local exchange carriers.
    Sec.  51.605   Additional obligations of incumbent local exchange carriers.
    Sec.  51.607   Wholesale pricing standard.
    Sec.  51.609   Determination of avoided retail costs.
    Sec.  51.611   Interim wholesale rates.
    Sec.  51.613   Restrictions on resale.
    Sec.  51.615   Withdrawal of services.
    Sec.  51.617   Assessment of end user common line charge on resellers.
     Subpart H—Reciprocal Compensation for Transport and Termination of
                         Telecommunications Traffic

    Sec.  51.701   Scope of transport and termination pricing rules.
    Sec.  51.703   Reciprocal compensation obligation of LECs.
    Sec.  51.705   Incumbent LECs' rates for transport and termination.
    Sec.  51.707   Default proxies for incumbent LECs' transport and termination
    Sec.  51.709   Rate structure for transport and termination.
    Sec.  51.711   Symmetrical reciprocal compensation.
    Sec.  51.713   Bill-and-keep arrangements for reciprocal compensation.
    Sec.  51.715   Interim transport and termination pricing.
    Sec.  51.717   Renegotiation of existing non-reciprocal arrangements.
     Subpart I—Procedures for Implementation of Section 252 of the Act

    Sec.  51.801   Commission action upon a state commission's failure to act to
   carry out its responsibility under section 252 of the Act.
    Sec.  51.803   Procedures for Commission notification of a state commission's
   failure to act.
    Sec.  51.805   The Commission's authority over proceedings and matters.
    Sec.  51.807   Arbitration  and  mediation of agreements by the Commission
   pursuant to section 252(e)(5) of the Act.
    Sec.  51.809   Availability of agreements to other telecommunications carriers
   under section 252(i) of the Act.

   Authority:   Sections 1–5, 7, 201–05, 207–09, 218, 225–27, 251–54, 256, 271,
   303(r), 332, 48 Stat. 1070, as amended, 1077; 47 U.S.C. 151–55, 157, 201–05,
   207–09, 218, 225–27, 251–54, 256, 271, 303(r), 332, 47 U.S.C. 157 note,
   unless otherwise noted.

   Source:   61 FR 45619, Aug. 29, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General Information