Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 1, Parts 0 to 19]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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[CITE: 47CFR1]

[Page 88-317]
                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

           Subpart A--General Rules of Practice and Procedure


1.1  Proceedings before the Commission.
1.2  Declaratory rulings.
1.3  Suspension, amendment, or waiver of rules.
1.4  Computation of time.
1.5  Mailing address furnished by licensee.
1.6  Availability of station logs and records for Commission inspection.
1.7  Documents are filed upon receipt.
1.8  Withdrawal of papers.
1.10  Transcript of testimony; copies of documents submitted.
1.12  Notice to attorneys of Commission documents.
1.13  Filing of petitions for review and notices of appeals of 
          Commission orders.
1.14  Citation of Commission documents.
1.16  Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury in lieu of 
1.17  Truthful written statements and responses to Commission inquiries 
          and correspondence.
1.18  Administrative Dispute Resolution.
1.19  Use of metric units required.

                  Parties, Practitioners, and Witnesses

1.21  Parties.
1.22  Authority for representation.
1.23  Persons who may be admitted to practice.
1.24  Censure, suspension, or disbarment of attorneys.
1.25  [Reserved]
1.26  Appearances.
1.27  Witnesses; right to counsel.
1.28  [Reserved]
1.29  [Reserved]

                   Pleadings, Briefs, and Other Papers

1.41  Informal requests for Commission action.
1.42  Applications, reports, complaints; cross-reference.
1.43  Requests for stay; cross-reference.
1.44  Separate pleadings for different requests.
1.45  Pleadings; filing periods.
1.46  Motions for extension of time.
1.47  Service of documents and proof of service.
1.48  Length of pleadings.
1.49  Specifications as to pleadings and documents.
1.50  Specifications as to briefs.
1.51  Number of copies of pleadings, briefs and other papers.
1.52  Subscription and verification.

                     General Application Procedures

1.61  Procedures for handling applications requiring special 
          aeronautical study.
1.62  Operation pending action on renewal application.
1.65  Substantial and significant changes in information furnished by 
          applicants to the Commission.
1.68  Action on application for license to cover construction permit.
1.77  Detailed application procedures; cross references.

                        Miscellaneous Proceedings

1.80  Forfeiture proceedings.
1.83  Applications for radio operator licenses.
1.84  Procedure with respect to commercial radio operator license 
1.85  Suspension of operator licenses.
1.87  Modification of license or construction permit on motion of the 
1.88  Predesignation pleading procedure.
1.89  Notice of violations.
1.91  Revocation and/or cease and desist proceedings; hearings.
1.92  Revocation and/or cease and desist proceedings; after waiver of 
1.93  Consent orders.
1.94  Consent order procedures.
1.95  Violation of consent orders.

   Reconsideration and Review of Actions Taken by the Commission and 
 Pursuant to Delegated Authority; Effective Dates and Finality Dates of 

1.101  General provisions.

[[Page 89]]

1.102  Effective dates of actions taken pursuant to delegated authority.
1.103  Effective dates of Commission actions; finality of Commission 
1.104  Preserving the right of review; deferred consideration of 
          application for review.
1.106  Petitions for reconsideration.
1.108  Reconsideration on Commission's own motion.
1.110  Partial grants; rejection and designation for hearing.
1.113  Action modified or set aside by person, panel, or board.
1.115  Application for review of action taken pursuant to delegated 
1.117  Review on motion of the Commission.
1.120  Protests of grants without hearing.

                     Subpart B--Hearing Proceedings


1.201  Scope.
1.202  Official reporter; transcript.
1.203  The record.
1.204  Pleadings; definition.
1.205  Continuances and extensions.
1.207  Interlocutory matters, reconsideration and review; cross 
1.209  Identification of responsible officer in caption to pleading.
1.211  Service.

                         Participants and Issues

1.221  Notice of hearing; appearances.
1.223  Petitions to intervene.
1.224  Motion to proceed in forma pauperis.
1.225  Participation by non-parties; consideration of communications.
1.227  Consolidations.
1.229  Motions to enlarge, change, or delete issues.

                            Presiding Officer

1.241  Designation of presiding officer.
1.243  Authority of presiding officer.
1.244  Designation of a settlement judge.
1.245  Disqualification of presiding officer.

                          Prehearing Procedures

1.246  Admission of facts and genuineness of documents.
1.248  Prehearing conferences; hearing conferences.
1.249  Prehearing statement.

                    Hearing and Intermediate Decision

1.250  Discovery and preservation of evidence; cross-reference.
1.251  Summary decision.
1.253  Time and place of hearing.
1.254  Nature of the hearing; burden of proof.
1.255  Order of procedure.
1.258  Closing of the hearing.
1.260  Certification of transcript.
1.261  Corrections to transcript.
1.263  Proposed findings and conclusions.
1.264  Contents of findings of fact and conclusions.
1.267  Initial and recommended decisions.

                           Review Proceedings

1.271  Delegation of review function.
1.273  Waiver of initial or recommended decision.
1.274  Certification of the record to the Commission for initial or 
          final decision.
1.276  Appeal and review of initial decision.
1.277  Exceptions; oral arguments.
1.279  Limitation of matters to be reviewed.
1.282  Final decision of the Commission.

              Interlocutory Actions in Hearing Proceedings

1.291  General provisions.
1.294  Oppositions and replies.
1.296  Service.
1.297  Oral argument.
1.298  Rulings; time for action.

        Appeal and Reconsideration of Presiding Officer's Ruling

1.301  Appeal from presiding officer's interlocutory ruling; effective 
          date of ruling.
1.302  Appeal from presiding officer's final ruling; effective date of 

               The Discovery and Preservation of Evidence

1.311  General.
1.313  Protective orders.
1.315  Depositions upon oral examination--notice and preliminary 
1.316  Depositions upon written interrogatories--notice and preliminary 
1.318  The taking of depositions.
1.319  Objections to the taking of depositions.
1.321  Use of depositions at the hearing.
1.323  Interrogatories to parties.
1.325  Discovery and production of documents and things for inspection, 
          copying, or photographing.


1.331  Who may sign and issue.
1.333  Requests for issuance of subpena.
1.334  Motions to quash.
1.335  Rulings.
1.336  Service of subpenas.
1.337  Return of service.
1.338  Subpena forms.
1.339  Witness fees.
1.340  Attendance of witness; disobedience.


1.351  Rules of evidence.
1.352  Cumulative evidence.
1.353  Further evidence during hearing.
1.354  Documents containing matter not material.

[[Page 90]]

1.355  Documents in foreign language.
1.356  Copies of exhibits.
1.357  Mechanical reproductions as evidence.
1.358  Tariffs as evidence.
1.359  Proof of official record; authentication of copy.
1.360  Proof of lack of record.
1.361  Other proof of official record.
1.362  Production of statements.
1.363  Introduction of statistical data.
1.364  Testimony by speakerphone.

                    Subpart C--Rulemaking Proceedings


1.399  Scope.
1.400  Definitions.

                     Petitions and Related Pleadings

1.401  Petitions for rulemaking.
1.403  Notice and availability.
1.405  Responses to petitions; replies.
1.407  Action on petitions.

                         Rulemaking Proceedings

1.411  Commencement of rulemaking proceedings.
1.412  Notice of proposed rulemaking.
1.413  Content of notice.
1.415  Comments and replies.
1.419  Form of comments and replies; number of copies.
1.420  Additional procedures in proceedings for amendment of the FM or 
          TV Tables of Allotments.
1.421  Further notice of rulemaking.
1.423  Oral argument and other proceedings.
1.425  Commission action.
1.427  Effective date of rules.
1.429  Petition for reconsideration.


1.430  Proceedings on a notice of inquiry.

            Subpart D--Broadcast Applications and Proceedings

1.502  Emergency Broadcast Authorizations.

                       General Filing Requirements

1.511  Applications required.
1.512  Where to file; number of copies.
1.513  Who may sign applications.
1.514  Content of applications.
1.516  Specification of facilities.
1.517  Contingent applications.
1.518  Inconsistent or conflicting applications.
1.519  Repetitious applications.
1.520  Multiple applications.
1.522  Amendment of applications.
1.525  Agreements between parties for amendment or dismissal of, or 
          failure to prosecute, broadcast applications.
1.526  Records to be maintained locally for public inspection by 
          commercial applicants, permittees and licensees.
1.527  Records to be maintained locally for public inspection by 
          noncommercial educational applicants, permittees and 
1.531  Formal and informal applications.
1.533  Application forms for authority to construct a new station or 
          make changes in an existing station.
1.534  Application for extension of construction permit or for 
          construction permit to replace expired construction permit.
1.536  Application for license to cover construction permit.
1.538  Application for modification of license.
1.539  Application for renewal of license.
1.540  Application for voluntary assignment or transfer of control.
1.541  Application for involuntary assignment of license or transfer of 
1.542  Application for temporary authorization.
1.543  Application for renewal or modification of special service 
1.544  Application for broadcast station to conduct field strength 
          measurements and for experimental operation.
1.545  Application for permit to deliver programs to foreign countries.
1.546  Application to determine operating power by direct measurement of 
          antenna power.
1.549  Requests for extension of authority to operate without required 
          monitors, indicating instruments, and EBS Attention Signal 
1.550  Requests for new or modified call sign assignments.
1.561  Staff consideration of applications which receive action by the 
1.562  Staff consideration of applications which do not require action 
          by the Commission.
1.564  Acceptance of applications.
1.566  Defective applications.
1.568  Dismissal of applications.
1.570  AM broadcast station applications involving other North American 
1.571  Processing AM broadcast station applications.
1.572  Processing TV broadcast and translator station applications.
1.573  Processing FM broadcast and translator station applications.
1.574  Processing of international broadcast station applications.
1.578  Amendments to applications for renewal, assignment or transfer of 
1.580  Local public notice of filing of broadcast applications.
1.584  Petitions to deny.
1.587  Procedure for filing informal applications.
1.591  Grants without hearing.

[[Page 91]]

1.592  Conditional grant.
1.593  Designation for hearing.
1.594  Local public notice of designation for hearing.
1.597  Procedures on transfer and assignment applications.
1.598  Period of construction.
1.599  Forfeiture of construction permit.
1.601  Simultaneous modification and renewal of license.
1.603  Special waiver procedure relative to applications.
1.605  Retention of applications in hearing status after designation for 
1.612  Annual employment report.
1.613  Filing of contracts.
1.615  Ownership reports.

  Subpart E--Complaints, Applications, Tariffs, and Reports Involving 
                             Common Carriers


1.701  Show cause orders.
1.703  Appearances.


1.711  Formal or informal complaints.

                           informal complaints

1.716  Form.
1.717  Procedure.
1.718  Unsatisfied informal complaints; formal complaints relating back 
          to the filing dates of informal complaints.

                            formal complaints

1.720  General pleading requirements.
1.721  Format and content.
1.722  Damages.
1.723  Joinder of complainants and causes of action.
1.724  Answers.
1.725  Cross complaints.
1.726  Replies.
1.727  Motions.
1.728  Formal complaints not stating a cause of action; defective 
1.729  Interrogatories to parties.
1.730  Other forms of discovery.
1.731  Confidentiality of information produced through discovery.
1.732  Other required written submissions.
1.733  Status conference.
1.734  Specifications as to pleadings, briefs, and other documents; 
1.735  Copies; service; separate filings against multiple defendants.


1.741  Scope.
1.742  Place of filing, fees, and number of copies.
1.743  Who may sign applications.
1.744  Amendments.
1.745  Additional statements.
1.746  Defective applications.
1.747  Inconsistent or conflicting applications.
1.748  Dismissal of applications.
1.749  Action on application under delegated authority.

   Specific Types of Applications Under Title II of Communications Act

1.761  Cross reference.
1.762  Interlocking directorates.
1.763  Construction, extension, acquisition or operation of lines.
1.764  Discontinuance, reduction, or impairment of service.
1.765  Consolidation or acquisition of telephone companies.
1.766  Consolidation of domestic telegraph carriers.
1.767  Cable landing licenses.


1.771  Filing.
1.772  Application for special tariff permission.
1.773  Petitions for suspension or rejection of new tariff filings.

    Contracts, Reports, and Requests Required to be Filed by Carriers

1.781  Requests for extension of filing time.


1.783  Filing.

              Financial and Accounting Reports and Requests

1.785  Annual financial reports.
1.786  [Reserved]
1.787  Reports of proposed changes in depreciation rates.
1.788  Reports regarding pensions and benefits.
1.789  Reports regarding division of international telegraph 
          communication charges.
1.790  Reports relating to traffic by international carriers.
1.791  Reports and requests to be filed under part 32 of this chapter.
1.795  Reports regarding interstate rates of return.

                     Services and Facilities Reports

1.802  Reports relating to continuing authority to supplement facilities 
          or to provide temporary or emergency service.
1.803  Reports relating to reduction in temporary experimental service.
1.805  Reports relating to service by carriers engaged in public radio 
          service operations.

[[Page 92]]

                          Miscellaneous Reports

1.811  Reports regarding amendments to charters, by-laws and partnership 
          agreements of carriers engaged in domestic public radio 
1.813  Reports of negotiations regarding foreign communication matters.
1.814  Reports regarding free service rendered the Government for 
          national defense.
1.815  Reports of annual employment.

                       Grants by Random Selection

1.821  Scope.
1.822  General selection procedures.
1.823  Random selection procedures for the Public Mobile Services.
1.824  Random selection procedures for Multichannel Multipoint 
          Distribution Service and Multipoint Distribution Service H-
          Channel stations.
1.825  Random selection procedures for Digital Electronic Message 

     Subpart F--Private Radio Services Applications and Proceedings


1.901  Scope.

                       General Filing Requirements

1.911  Applications required.
1.912  Where applications are to be filed.
1.913  Who may sign applications.
1.914  Full disclosures.
1.916  Repetitious applications.
1.918  Amendment of applications.

          Application Forms and Particular Filing Requirements

1.921  Procedure for obtaining a radio station authorization and for 
          commencement of operation.
1.922  Forms to be used.
1.923  Waiver of construction permit requirement.
1.924  Assignment or transfer of control, voluntary and involuntary.
1.925  Application for special temporary authorization, temporary permit 
          or temporary operating authority.
1.926  Application for renewal of license.
1.931  Requests for waiver of private radio rules.
1.933  Installation or removal of apparatus.
1.934  Procedure with respect to amateur radio operator license.

                    Application Processing Procedures

1.951  How applications are distributed.
1.952  How file numbers are assigned.
1.953  How applications are processed.
1.955  Frequency coordination, Canada.
1.958  Defective applications.
1.959  Resubmitted applications.
1.961  Dismissal of applications.
1.962  Public notice of acceptance for filing; petitions to deny 
          applications of specified categories.

                         Action on Applications

1.971  Grants without a hearing.
1.972  Grants by random selection.
1.973  Designation for hearing.

                 Reports to be Filed with the Commission

1.981  Reports, annual and semiannual.

   Subpart G--Schedule of Statutory Charges and Procedures for Payment

1.1101  Authority.
1.1102  Schedule of charges for applications and other filings in the 
          wireless telecommunications services.
1.1103  Schedule of charges for equipment authorization, experimental 
          radio services, ship inspections and international 
          telecommunications settlements.
1.1104  Schedule of charges for applications and other filings in the 
          mass media services.
1.1105  Schedule of charges for applications and other filings in the 
          common carrier services.
1.1106  Schedule of charges for applications and other filings in the 
          cable television services.
1.1107  Schedule of charges for applications and other filings in the 
          international services.
1.1108  Attachment of charges.
1.1109  Payment of charges.
1.1110  Form of payment.
1.1111  Filing locations.
1.1112  Conditionality of Commission or staff authorizations.
1.1113  Return or refund of charges.
1.1114  General exemptions to charges.
1.1115  Adjustments to charges.
1.1116  Penalty for late or insufficient payments.
1.1117  Petitions and applications for review.
1.1118  Error claims.
1.1119  Billing procedures.
1.1151  Authority to prescribe and collect regulatory fees.
1.1152  Schedule of annual regulatory fees and filing locations for 
          wireless radio services.
1.1153  Schedule of annual regulatory fees and filing locations for mass 
          media services.
1.1154  Schedule of annual regulatory charges and filing locations for 
          common carrier services.
1.1155  Schedule of regulatory fees and filing locations for cable 
          television services.
1.1156  Schedule of regulatory fees and filing locations for 
          international services.

[[Page 93]]

1.1157  Payment of charges for regulatory fees.
1.1158  Form of payment for regulatory.
1.1159  Filing locations and receipts for regulatory fees.
1.1160  Refunds of regulatory fees.
1.1161  Conditional license grants and delegated authorizations.
1.1162  General exemptions from regulatory fees.
1.1163  Adjustments to regulatory fees.
1.1164  Penalties for late or insufficient regulatory fee payments.
1.1165  Payment by cashier's check for regulatory fees.
1.1166  Waivers, reductions, and deferrals of regulatory fees.
1.1167  Error claims related to regulatory fees.
1.1181  Authority to prescribe and collect fees for competitive bidding-
          related services and products.
1.1182  Schedule of fees for products and services provided by the 
          Commission in connection with competitive bidding procedures.

                   Subpart H--Ex Parte Communications


1.1200  Introduction.
1.1202  Definitions.

                       Sunshine Period Prohibition

1.1203  Sunshine period prohibition.

                           General Exemptions

1.1204  Exempt ex parte presentations and proceedings.

                       Non-Restricted Proceedings

1.1206  Permit-but-disclose proceedings.

                         Restricted Proceedings

1.1208  Restricted proceedings.

              Prohibition on Solicitation of Presentations

1.1210  Prohibition on solicitation of presentations.

      Procedures for Handling of Prohibited Ex Parte Presentations

1.1212  Procedures for handling of prohibited ex parte presentations.
1.1214  Disclosure of information concerning violations of this subpart.


1.1216  Sanctions.

Subpart I--Procedures Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act 
                                 of 1969

1.1301  Basis and purpose.
1.1302  Cross-reference; Regulations of the Council on Environmental 
1.1303  Scope.
1.1304  Information and assistance.
1.1305  Actions which normally will have a significant impact upon the 
          environment, for which Environmental Impact Statements must be 
1.1306  Actions which are categorically excluded from environmental 
1.1307  Actions that may have a significant environmental effect, for 
          which Environmental Assessments (EAs) must be prepared.
1.1308  Consideration of environmental assessments (EAs); findings of no 
          significant impact.
1.1309  Application amendments.
1.1310  Radiofrequency radiation exposure limits.
1.1311  Environmental information to be included in the environmental 
          assessment (EA).
1.1312  Facilities for which no preconstruction authorization is 
1.1313  Objections.
1.1314  Environmental impact statements (EISs).
1.1315  The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS); Comments.
1.1317  The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).
1.1319  Consideration of the environmental impact statements.

             Subpart J--Pole Attachment Complaint Procedures

1.1401  Purpose.
1.1402  Definitions.
1.1403  Duty to provide access; modifications; notice of removal, 
          increase or modification; petition for temporary stay.
1.1404  Complaint.
1.1405  File numbers.
1.1406  Dismissal of complaints.
1.1407  Response and reply.
1.1408  Number of copies and form of pleadings.
1.1409  Commission consideration of the complaint.
1.1410  Remedies.
1.1411  Meetings and hearings.
1.1412  Enforcement.
1.1413  Forfeiture.
1.1414  State certification.
1.1415  Other orders.
1.1416  Imputation of rates; modification costs.

[[Page 94]]

 Subpart K--Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) in 
                           Agency Proceedings

                           General Provisions

1.1501  Purpose of these rules.
1.1502  When the EAJA applies.
1.1503  Proceedings covered.
1.1504  Eligibility of applicants.
1.1505  Standards for awards.
1.1506  Allowable fees and expenses.
1.1507  Rulemaking on maximum rates for attorney fees.
1.1508  Awards against other agencies.

                  Information Required from Applicants

1.1511  Contents of application.
1.1512  Net worth exhibit.
1.1513  Documentation of fees and expenses.
1.1514  When an application may be filed.

                 Procedures for Considering Applications

1.1521  Filing and service of documents.
1.1522  Answer to application.
1.1523  Reply.
1.1524  Comments by other parties.
1.1525  Settlement.
1.1526  Further proceedings.
1.1527  Decision.
1.1528  Commission review.
1.1529  Judicial review.
1.1530  Payment of award.

     Subpart L--Random Selection Procedures for Mass Media Services

                           General Procedures

1.1601  Scope.
1.1602  Designation for random selection.
1.1603  Conduct of random selection.
1.1604  Post-selection hearings.
1.1621  Definitions.
1.1622  Preferences.
1.1623  Probability calculation.

                          Subpart M  [Reserved]

Subpart N--Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in 
     Programs or Activities Conducted by the Federal Communications 

1.1801  Purpose.
1.1802  Applications.
1.1803  Definitions.
1.1804-1.1809  [Reserved]
1.1810  Self-evaluation.
1.1811  Notice.
1.1812-1.1829  [Reserved]
1.1830  General prohibitions against discrimination.
1.1831-1.1839  [Reserved]
1.1840  Employment.
1.1841-1.1848  [Reserved]
1.1849  Program accessibility: Discrimination prohibited.
1.1850  Program accessibility: Existing facilities.
1.1851  Program accessibility: New construction and alterations.
1.1852-1.1859  [Reserved]
1.1860  Communications.
1.1861-1.1869  [Reserved]
1.1870  Compliance procedures.
1.1871-1.1899  [Reserved]

         Subpart O--Collection of Claims Owed the United States

                           General Provisions

1.1901  Definitions.
1.1902  Exceptions.
1.1903  Use of procedures.
1.1904  Conformance to law and regulations.
1.1905  Other procedures; collection of forfeiture penalties.
1.1906  Informal action.
1.1907  Return of property.
1.1908  Omissions not a defense.

  Administrative Offset--Consumer Reporting Agencies--Contracting for 

1.1911  Demand for payment.
1.1912  Collection by administrative offset.
1.1913  Administrative offset against amounts payable from Civil 
          Retirement and Disability Fund.
1.1914  Collection in installments.
1.1915  Exploration of compromise.
1.1916  Suspending or terminating collection action.
1.1917  Referrals to the Department of Justice or the General Accounting 
1.1918  Use of consumer reporting agencies.
1.1919  Contracting for collection services.

                              Salary Offset

1.1925  Purpose.
1.1926  Scope.
1.1927  Notification.
1.1928  Hearing.
1.1929  Deduction from pay.
1.1930  Liquidation from final check or recovery from other payment.
1.1931  Non-waiver of rights by payments.
1.1932  Refunds.
1.1933  Interest, penalties and administrative costs.
1.1934  Recovery when paying agency is not creditor agency.
1.1935  Obtaining the services of a hearing official.

      Interest, Penalties, Administrative Costs and Other Sanctions

1.1940  Assessment.
1.1941  Exemptions.
1.1942  Other sanctions.

[[Page 95]]

              Cooperation With the Internal Revenue Service

1.1950  Reporting discharged debts to the Internal Revenue Service.
1.1951  Offset against tax refunds.

           General Provisions Concerning Interagency Requests

1.1952  Interagency requests.

      Subpart P--Implementation of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988

1.2001  Purpose.
1.2002  Applicants required to submit information.
1.2003  Applications affected.

               Subpart Q--Competitive Bidding Proceedings

                           General Procedures

1.2101  Purpose.
1.2102  Eligibility of applications for competitive bidding.
1.2103  Competitive bidding design options.
1.2104  Competitive bidding mechanisms.
1.2105  Bidding application and certification procedures; prohibition of 
1.2106  Submission of upfront payments.
1.2107  Submission of down payment and filing of long-form applications.
1.2108  Procedures for filing petitions to deny against long-form 
1.2109  License grant, denial, default, and disqualification.
1.2110  Designated entities.
1.2111  Assignment or transfer of control: unjust enrichment.

Subpart R--Implementation of Section 4(g)(3) of the Communications Act: 
 Procedures Governing Acceptance of Unconditional Gifts, Donations and 

1.3000  Purpose and scope.
1.3001  Definitions.
1.3002  Structural rules and prohibitions.
1.3003  Mandatory factors for evaluating conflicts of interest.
1.3004  Public disclosure and reporting requirements.

Subpart S--Preemption of Restrictions That ``Impair'' a Viewer's Ability 
  To Receive Television Broadcast Signals, Direct Broadcast Satellite 
        Services or Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Services

1.4000  Restrictions impairing reception of television broadcast 
          signals, direct broadcast satellite services or multichannel 
          multipoint distribution services.

             Subpart T--Exempt Telecommunications Companies

1.5000  Purpose.
1.5001  Definitions.
1.5002  Contents of application and procedure for filing.
1.5003  Effect of filing.
1.5004  Commission action.
1.5005  Notification of Commission action to the Securities and Exchange 
1.5006  Procedure for notifying Commission of material change in facts.

Appendix A to Part 1--A Plan of Cooperative Procedure in Matters and 
          Cases Under the Provisions of Section 410 of the 
          Communications Act of 1934

    Authority: 15 U.S.C. 79 et seq.; 47 U.S.C. 151, 154(i), 154(j), 155, 
225, and 303(r).

           Subpart A--General Rules of Practice and Procedure

    Source: 28 FR 12415, Nov. 22, 1963, unless otherwise noted.