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FCC 80.1089
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  80.1089   Ship radio equipment--Sea areas A1 and A2.

   This section contains the additional equipment requirements for ships
   that remain within sea areas A1 or A2 at all times. Ships fitting in
   accordance with this section satisfy the sea area A1 requirements
   denoted in § 80.1087.

   (a) In addition to meeting the requirements of § 80.1085, ships engaged
   on voyages beyond sea area A1, but remaining within sea area A2, must
   be provided with:

   (1) An MF radio installation capable of transmitting and receiving, for
   distress and safety purposes, on the frequencies:

   (i) 2187.5 kHz using DSC; and

   (ii) 2182 kHz using radiotelephony;

   (2) A radio installation capable of maintaining a continuous DSC watch
   on the frequency 2187.5 kHz which may be separate from or combined
   with, that required by paragraph (a)(1)(i) of this section; and

   (3) Means of initiating the transmission of ship-to-shore distress
   alerts by a radio service other than MF operating either:

   (i) Through the polar orbiting satellite service on 406.0-406.1 MHz
   (this requirement may be fulfilled by the EPIRB required by
   § 80.1085(a)(6), either by installing the EPIRB close to, or by allowing
   remote activation from, the position from which the ship is normally
   navigated); or

   (ii) On HF using DSC; or

   (iii) Through the INMARSAT geostationary satellite service if within
   INMARSAT coverage; this requirement may be fulfilled by an INMARSAT
   ship earth station.

   (b) It must be possible to initiate transmission of distress alerts by
   the radio installations specified in paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(3) of
   this section from the position from which the ship is normally

   (c) Ships subject to this section must be capable of transmitting and
   receiving general radiocommunications using radiotelephony or
   direct-printing telegraphy by either:

   (1) A radio installation operating on working frequencies in the bands
   between 1605-4000 kHz or between 4000-27500 kHz (this requirement may
   be fulfilled by the addition of this capability to the equipment
   required by paragraph (a)(1) of this section); or

   (2) An INMARSAT ship earth station.

   [ 57 FR 9065 , Mar. 16, 1992, as amended at  68 FR 46977 , Aug. 7, 2003;  69 FR 64680 , Nov. 8, 2004;  73 FR 4490 , Jan. 25, 2008;  76 FR 67617 , Nov. 2,


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