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FCC 73.1225
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  73.1225   Station inspections by FCC.

   (a) The licensee of a broadcast station shall make the station
   available for inspection by representatives of the FCC during the
   station's business hours, or at any time it is in operation.

   (b) In the course of an inspection or investigation, an FCC
   representative may require special equipment tests, program tests or
   operation with nighttime or presunrise facilities during daytime hours
   pursuant to § 0.314, part 0, of the FCC rules.

   (c) The following records shall be made available by all broadcast
   stations upon request by representatives of the FCC.

   (1) Equipment performance measurements required by § § 73.1590 and

   (2) The written designations for chief operators and, when applicable,
   the contracts for chief operators engaged on a contract basis.

   (3) Application for modification of the transmission system made
   pursuant to § 73.1690(c).

   (4) Informal statements or drawings depicting any transmitter
   modification made pursuant to § 73.1690(e).

   (5) Station logs and special technical records.

   (d) Commercial and noncommercial AM stations must make the following
   information also available upon request by representatives of the FCC.

   (1) Copy of the most recent antenna or common-point impedance

   (2) Copy of the most recent field strength measurements made to
   establish performance of directional antennas required by § 73.151.

   (3) Copy of the partial directional antenna proofs of performance made
   in accordance with § 73.154 and made pursuant to the following

   (i) Section 73.68, Sampling systems for antenna monitors.

   (ii) Section 73.69, Antenna monitors.

   (iii) Section 73.61, AM direction antenna field strength measurements.

   [ 43 FR 45846 , Oct. 4, 1978;  43 FR 50683 , Oct. 31, 1978, as amended at
    51 FR 41629 , Nov. 18, 1986;  51 FR 44478 , Dec. 10, 1986;  57 FR 48333 ,
   Oct. 23, 1992]


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