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FCC 7.7
Revised as of October 1, 2018
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  § 7.7   Product design, development, and evaluation.

   (a) Manufacturers and service providers shall evaluate the
   accessibility, usability, and compatibility of equipment and services
   covered by this part and shall incorporate such evaluation throughout
   product design, development, and fabrication, as early and consistently
   as possible. Manufacturers and service providers shall identify
   barriers to accessibility and usability as part of such a product
   design and development process.

   (b) In developing such a process, manufacturers and service providers
   shall consider the following factors, as the manufacturer deems

   (1) Where market research is undertaken, including individuals with
   disabilities in target populations of such research;

   (2) Where product design, testing, pilot demonstrations, and product
   trials are conducted, including individuals with disabilities in such

   (3) Working cooperatively with appropriate disability-related
   organizations; and

   (4) Making reasonable efforts to validate any unproven access solutions
   through testing with individuals with disabilities or with appropriate
   disability-related organizations that have established expertise with
   individuals with disabilities.

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Goto Year: 2017 | 2019
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