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FCC 7.19
Revised as of October 2, 2015
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  § 7.19   Answers to informal complaints.

   Any manufacturer or provider to whom an informal complaint is directed by
   the Commission under this subpart shall file an answer within the time
   specified by the Commission. The answer shall:

   (a) Be prepared or formatted in the manner requested by the complainant
   pursuant to § 7.17, unless otherwise permitted by the Commission for good
   cause shown;

   (b) Describe any actions that the defendant has taken or proposes to take to
   satisfy the complaint;

   (c)  Advise  the  complainant  and the Commission of the nature of the
   defense(s) claimed by the defendant;

   (d) Respond specifically to all material allegations of the complaint; and

   (e) Provide any other information or materials specified by the Commission
   as relevant to its consideration of the complaint.

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