Table of Parts
                       Subpart A—General Information

    Sec.  87.1   Basis and purpose.
    Sec.  87.3   Other applicable rule parts.
    Sec.  87.5   Definitions.
                    Subpart B—Applications and Licenses

    Sec.  87.17   Scope.
    Sec.  87.18   Station license required.
    Sec.  87.19   Basic eligibility.
    Sec.  87.25   Filing of applications.
    Sec.  87.27   License term.
    Sec.  87.29   Partial grant of application.
    Sec.  87.35   Cancellation of license.
    Sec.  87.37   Developmental license.
    Sec.  87.39   Equipment acceptable for licensing.
    Sec.  87.41   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.43   Operation during emergency.
    Sec.  87.45   Time in which station is placed in operation.
    Sec.  87.47   Application for a portable aircraft station license.
    Sec.  87.51   Aircraft earth station commissioning.
              Subpart C—Operating Requirements and Procedures

   Operating Requirements
    Sec.  87.69   Maintenance tests.
    Sec.  87.71   Frequency measurements.
    Sec.  87.73   Transmitter adjustments and tests.
    Sec.  87.75   Maintenance of antenna structure marking and control equipment.
    Sec.  87.77   Availability for inspections.
   Radio Operator Requirements
    Sec.  87.87   Classification of operator licenses and endorsements.
    Sec.  87.89   Minimum operator requirements.
    Sec.  87.91   Operation of transmitter controls.
   Operating Procedures
    Sec.  87.103   Posting station license.
    Sec.  87.105   Availability of operator permit or license.
    Sec.  87.107   Station identification.
    Sec.  87.109   Station logs.
    Sec.  87.111   Suspension or discontinuance of operation.
                      Subpart D—Technical Requirements

    Sec.  87.131   Power and emissions.
    Sec.  87.133   Frequency stability.
    Sec.  87.135   Bandwidth of emission.
    Sec.  87.137   Types of emission.
    Sec.  87.139   Emission limitations.
    Sec.  87.141   Modulation requirements.
    Sec.  87.143   Transmitter control requirements.
    Sec.  87.145   Acceptability of transmitters for licensing.
    Sec.  87.147   Authorization of equipment.
    Sec.  87.149   Special requirements for automatic link establishment (ALE).
    Sec.  87.151   Special requirements for differential GPS receivers.
                           Subpart E—Frequencies

    Sec.  87.169   Scope.
    Sec.  87.171   Class of station symbols.
    Sec.  87.173   Frequencies.
                        Subpart F—Aircraft Stations

    Sec.  87.185   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.187   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.189   Requirements for public correspondence equipment and operations.
    Sec.  87.191   Foreign aircraft stations.
   Emergency Locator Transmitters
    Sec.  87.193   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.195   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.197   ELT test procedures.
    Sec.  87.199   Special requirements for 406.0–406.1 MHz ELTs.
             Subpart G—Aeronautical Advisory Stations (Unicoms)

    Sec.  87.213   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.215   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.217   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.219   Automatic operations.
                  Subpart H—Aeronautical Multicom Stations

    Sec.  87.237   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.239   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.241   Frequencies.
       Subpart I—Aeronautical Enroute and Aeronautical Fixed Stations

   Aeronautical Enroute Stations
    Sec.  87.261   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.263   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.265   Administrative communications.
   Aeronautical Fixed Stations
    Sec.  87.275   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.277   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.279   Frequencies.
                       Subpart J—Flight Test Stations

    Sec.  87.299   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.301   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.303   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.305   Frequency coordination.
    Sec.  87.307   Cooperative use of facilities.
                    Subpart K—Aviation Support Stations

    Sec.  87.319   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.321   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.323   Frequencies.
               Subpart L—Aeronautical Utility Mobile Stations

    Sec.  87.345   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.347   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.349   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.351   Frequency changes.
             Subpart M—Aeronautical Search and Rescue Stations

    Sec.  87.371   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.373   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.375   Frequencies.
                     Subpart N—Emergency Communications

    Sec.  87.393   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.395   Plan for the Security Control of Air Traffic and Air Navigation
   Aids (Short Title: SCATANA).
    Sec.  87.397   Emergency operations.
                  Subpart O—Airport Control Tower Stations

    Sec.  87.417   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.419   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.421   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.423   Hours of operation.
    Sec.  87.425   Interference.
                    Subpart P—Operational Fixed Stations

    Sec.  87.445   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.447   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.449   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.451   Licensing limitations.
            Subpart Q—Stations in the Radiodetermination Service

    Sec.  87.471   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.473   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.475   Frequencies.
    Sec.  87.477   Condition of grant for radionavigation land stations.
    Sec.  87.479   Harmful interference to radionavigation land stations.
    Sec.  87.481   Unattended operation of domestic radiobeacon stations.
                            Subpart R [Reserved]

              Subpart S—Automatic Weather Stations (AWOS/ASOS)

    Sec.  87.525   Scope of service.
    Sec.  87.527   Supplemental eligibility.
    Sec.  87.529   Frequencies.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154, 303 and 307(e), unless otherwise noted.

   Source:   53 FR 28940, Aug. 1, 1988, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General Information