Table of Parts
        Subpart—General; Rules Applicable to All Services in Part 74

    Sec.  74.1   Scope.
    Sec.  74.2   General definitions.
    Sec.  74.3   FCC inspections of stations.
    Sec.  74.5   Cross reference to rules in other parts.
    Sec.  74.6   Licensing of broadcast auxiliary and low power auxiliary stations.
    Sec.  74.12   Notification of filing of applications.
    Sec.  74.13   Equipment tests.
    Sec.  74.14   Service or program tests.
    Sec.  74.15   Station license period.
    Sec.  74.16   Temporary extension of station licenses.
    Sec.  74.18   Transmitter control and operation.
    Sec.  74.19   Special technical records.
    Sec.  74.21   Broadcasting emergency information.
    Sec.  74.22   Use of common antenna structure.
    Sec.  74.23   Interference  jeopardizing  safety  of life or protection of
    Sec.  74.24   Short-term operation.
    Sec.  74.25   Temporary conditional operating authority.
    Sec.  74.28   Additional orders.
    Sec.  74.30   Antenna structure, marking and lighting.
    Sec.  74.32   Operation in the 17.8–19.7 GHz band.
    Sec.  74.34   Period  of  construction;  certification  of  completion  of
                 Subpart A—Experimental Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  74.101   Experimental broadcast station.
    Sec.  74.102   Uses of experimental broadcast stations.
    Sec.  74.103   Frequency assignment.
    Sec.  74.112   Supplementary statement with application for construction permit.
    Sec.  74.113   Supplementary reports with application for renewal of license.
    Sec.  74.131   Licensing requirements, necessary showing.
    Sec.  74.132   Power limitations.
    Sec.  74.133   Emission authorized.
    Sec.  74.151   Equipment changes.
   Technical Operation and Operators
    Sec.  74.161   Frequency tolerances.
    Sec.  74.162   Frequency monitors and measurements.
    Sec.  74.163   Time of operation.
    Sec.  74.165   Posting of station license.
    Sec.  74.181   Station records.
    Sec.  74.182   Program service and charges.
    Sec.  74.183   Station identification.
    Sec.  74.184   Rebroadcasts.
                          Subparts B–C [Reserved]

                 Subpart D—Remote Pickup Broadcast Stations

    Sec.  74.401   Definitions.
    Sec.  74.402   Frequency assignment.
    Sec.  74.403   Frequency selection to avoid interference.
    Sec.  74.431   Special rules applicable to remote pickup stations.
    Sec.  74.432   Licensing requirements and procedures.
    Sec.  74.433   Temporary authorizations.
    Sec.  74.434   Remote control operation.
    Sec.  74.436   Special requirements for automatic relay stations.
    Sec.  74.451   Certification of equipment.
    Sec.  74.452   Equipment changes.
    Sec.  74.461   Transmitter power.
    Sec.  74.462   Authorized bandwidth and emissions.
    Sec.  74.463   Modulation requirements.
    Sec.  74.464   Frequency tolerance.
    Sec.  74.465   Frequency monitors and measurements.
    Sec.  74.482   Station identification.
                Subpart E—Aural Broadcast Auxiliary Stations

    Sec.  74.501   Classes of aural broadcast auxiliary stations.
    Sec.  74.502   Frequency assignment.
    Sec.  74.503   Frequency selection.
    Sec.  74.531   Permissible service.
    Sec.  74.532   Licensing requirements.
    Sec.  74.533   Remote control and unattended operation.
    Sec.  74.534   Power limitations.
    Sec.  74.535   Emission and bandwidth.
    Sec.  74.536   Directional antenna required.
    Sec.  74.537   Temporary authorizations.
    Sec.  74.550   Equipment authorization.
    Sec.  74.551   Equipment changes.
    Sec.  74.561   Frequency tolerance.
    Sec.  74.562   Frequency monitors and measurements.
    Sec.  74.564   Posting of station license.
    Sec.  74.582   Station identification.
             Subpart F—Television Broadcast Auxiliary Stations

    Sec.  74.600   Eligibility for license.
    Sec.  74.601   Classes of TV broadcast auxiliary stations.
    Sec.  74.602   Frequency assignment.
    Sec.  74.603   Sound channels.
    Sec.  74.604   Interference avoidance.
    Sec.  74.631   Permissible service.
    Sec.  74.632   Licensing requirements.
    Sec.  74.633   Temporary authorizations.
    Sec.  74.634   Remote control operation.
    Sec.  74.635   Unattended operation.
    Sec.  74.636   Power limitations.
    Sec.  74.637   Emissions and emission limitations.
    Sec.  74.638   Frequency coordination.
    Sec.  74.641   Antenna systems.
    Sec.  74.643   Interference to geostationary-satellites.
    Sec.  74.644   Minimum path lengths for fixed links.
    Sec.  74.651   Equipment changes.
    Sec.  74.655   Authorization of equipment.
    Sec.  74.661   Frequency tolerance.
    Sec.  74.662   Frequency monitors and measurements.
    Sec.  74.663   Modulation limits.
    Sec.  74.664   Posting of station license.
    Sec.  74.682   Station identification.
    Sec.  74.690   Transition of the 1990–2025 MHz band from the Broadcast Auxiliary
   Service to emerging technologies.
       Subpart G—Low Power TV, TV Translator, and TV Booster Stations

    Sec.  74.701   Definitions.
    Sec.  74.702   Channel assignments.
    Sec.  74.703   Interference.
    Sec.  74.705   TV broadcast analog station protection.
    Sec.  74.706   Digital TV (DTV) station protection.
    Sec.  74.707   Low power TV and TV translator station protection.
    Sec.  74.708   Class A TV and digital Class A TV station protection.
    Sec.  74.709   Land mobile station protection.
    Sec.  74.710   Digital low power TV and TV translator station protection.
    Sec.  74.731   Purpose and permissible service.
    Sec.  74.732   Eligibility and licensing requirements.
    Sec.  74.733   UHF translator signal boosters.
    Sec.  74.734   Attended and unattended operation.
    Sec.  74.735   Power limitations.
    Sec.  74.736   Emissions and bandwidth.
    Sec.  74.737   Antenna location.
    Sec.  74.750   Transmission system facilities.
    Sec.  74.751   Modification of transmission systems.
    Sec.  74.761   Frequency tolerance.
    Sec.  74.762   Frequency measurements.
    Sec.  74.763   Time of operation.
    Sec.  74.765   Posting of station and operator licenses.
    Sec.  74.769   Copies of rules.
    Sec.  74.780   Broadcast regulations applicable to translators, low power, and
   booster stations.
    Sec.  74.781   Station records.
    Sec.  74.783   Station identification.
    Sec.  74.784   Rebroadcasts.
    Sec.  74.785   Low power TV digital data service pilot project.
    Sec.  74.786   Digital channel assignments.
    Sec.  74.787   Digital licensing.
    Sec.  74.788   Digital construction period.
    Sec.  74.789   Broadcast regulations applicable to digital low power television
   and television translator stations.
    Sec.  74.790   Permissible service of digital TV translator and LPTV stations.
    Sec.  74.791   Digital call signs.
    Sec.  74.792   Digital low power TV and TV translator station protected contour.
    Sec.  74.793   Digital low power TV and TV translator station protection of
   broadcast stations.
    Sec.  74.794   Digital emissions.
    Sec.  74.795   Digital  low power TV and TV translator transmission system
    Sec.  74.796   Modification  of  digital  transmission  systems and analog
   transmission systems for digital operation.
                   Subpart H—Low Power Auxiliary Stations

    Sec.  74.801   Definitions.
    Sec.  74.802   Frequency assignment.
    Sec.  74.803   Frequency selection to avoid interference.
    Sec.  74.831   Scope of service and permissible transmissions.
    Sec.  74.832   Licensing requirements and procedures.
    Sec.  74.833   Temporary authorizations.
    Sec.  74.851   Certification of equipment.
    Sec.  74.852   Equipment changes.
    Sec.  74.861   Technical requirements.
    Sec.  74.870   Wireless video assist devices.
    Sec.  74.882   Station identification.
                          Subparts I–K [Reserved]

Subpart L—FM Broadcast Translator Stations and FM Broadcast Booster Stations

    Sec.  74.1201   Definitions.
    Sec.  74.1202   Frequency assignment.
    Sec.  74.1203   Interference.
    Sec.  74.1204   Protection of FM broadcast, FM Translator and LP100 stations.
    Sec.  74.1205   Protection of channel 6 TV broadcast stations.
    Sec.  74.1231   Purpose and permissible service.
    Sec.  74.1232   Eligibility and licensing requirements.
    Sec.  74.1233   Processing FM translator and booster station applications.
    Sec.  74.1234   Unattended operation.
    Sec.  74.1235   Power limitations and antenna systems.
    Sec.  74.1236   Emission and bandwidth.
    Sec.  74.1237   Antenna location.
    Sec.  74.1250   Transmitters and associated equipment.
    Sec.  74.1251   Technical and equipment modifications.
    Sec.  74.1261   Frequency tolerance.
    Sec.  74.1262   Frequency monitors and measurements.
    Sec.  74.1263   Time of operation.
    Sec.  74.1265   Posting of station license.
    Sec.  74.1269   Copies of rules.
    Sec.  74.1281   Station records.
    Sec.  74.1283   Station identification.
    Sec.  74.1284   Rebroadcasts.
    Sec.  74.1290   FM translator and booster station information available on the
   Alphabetical Index—Part 74

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154, 303, 307, 336(f), 336(h) and 554.

   Editorial Note:   Nomenclature changes to part 74 appear at 64 FR 4055, Jan.
   27, 1999.

Subpart—General; Rules Applicable to All Services in Part 74