Table of Parts
                             Subpart A—General

    Sec.  69.1   Application of access charges.
    Sec.  69.2   Definitions.
    Sec.  69.3   Filing of access service tariffs.
    Sec.  69.4   Charges to be filed.
    Sec.  69.5   Persons to be assessed.
                      Subpart B—Computation of Charges

    Sec.  69.101   General.
    Sec.  69.104   End user common line for non-price cap incumbent local exchange
    Sec.  69.105   Carrier common line for non-price cap local exchange carriers.
    Sec.  69.106   Local switching.
    Sec.  69.108   Transport rate benchmark.
    Sec.  69.109   Information.
    Sec.  69.110   Entrance facilities.
    Sec.  69.111   Tandem-switched transport and tandem charge.
    Sec.  69.112   Direct-trunked transport.
    Sec.  69.113   Non-premium charges for MTS-WATS equivalent services.
    Sec.  69.114   Special access.
    Sec.  69.115   Special access surcharges.
    Sec.  69.116   Universal service fund.
    Sec.  69.117   Lifeline assistance.
    Sec.  69.118   Traffic sensitive switched services.
    Sec.  69.119   Basic service element expedited approval process.
    Sec.  69.120   Line information database.
    Sec.  69.121   Connection charges for expanded interconnection.
    Sec.  69.123   Density pricing zones for special access and switched transport.
    Sec.  69.124   Interconnection charge.
    Sec.  69.125   Dedicated signalling transport.
    Sec.  69.126   Nonrecurring charges.
    Sec.  69.127   Transitional Equal Charge Rule.
    Sec.  69.128   Billing name and address.
    Sec.  69.129   Signalling for tandem switching.
    Sec.  69.130   Line port costs in excess of basic analog service.
    Sec.  69.131   Universal service end user charges.
   Subpart C—Computation of Charges for Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers

    Sec.  69.151   Applicability.
    Sec.  69.152   End user common line for price cap local exchange carriers.
    Sec.  69.153   Presubscribed interexchange carrier charge (PICC).
    Sec.  69.154   Per-minute carrier common line charge.
    Sec.  69.155   Per-minute residual interconnection charge.
    Sec.  69.156   Marketing expenses.
    Sec.  69.157   Line port costs in excess of basic, analog service.
    Sec.  69.158   Universal service end user charges.
                 Subpart D—Apportionment of Net Investment

    Sec.  69.301   General.
    Sec.  69.302   Net investment.
    Sec.  69.303   Information origination/termination equipment (IOT).
    Sec.  69.304   Subscriber line cable and wire facilities.
    Sec.  69.305   Carrier cable and wire facilities (C&WF).
    Sec.  69.306   Central office equipment (COE).
    Sec.  69.307   General support facilities.
    Sec.  69.308   [Reserved]
    Sec.  69.309   Other investment.
    Sec.  69.310   Capital leases.
                    Subpart E—Apportionment of Expenses

    Sec.  69.401   Direct expenses.
    Sec.  69.402   Operating taxes (Account 7200).
    Sec.  69.403   Marketing expense (Account 6610).
    Sec.  69.404   Telephone operator services expenses in Account 6620.
    Sec.  69.405   Published directory expenses in Account 6620.
    Sec.  69.406   Local business office expenses in Account 6620.
    Sec.  69.407   Revenue accounting expenses in Account 6620.
    Sec.  69.408   All other customer services expenses in Account 6620.
    Sec.  69.409   Corporate operations expenses (included in Account 6720).
    Sec.  69.411   Other expenses.
    Sec.  69.412   Non participating company payments/receipts.
    Sec.  69.413   Universal service fund expenses.
    Sec.  69.414   Lifeline assistance expenses.
    Sec.  69.415   Reallocation of certain transport expenses.
      Subpart F—Segregation of Common Line Element Revenue Requirement

    Sec.  69.501   General.
    Sec.  69.502   Base factor allocation.
                   Subpart G—Exchange Carrier Association

    Sec.  69.601   Exchange carrier association.
    Sec.  69.602   Board of directors.
    Sec.  69.603   Association functions.
    Sec.  69.604   Billing and collection of access charges.
    Sec.  69.605   Reporting and distribution of pool access revenues.
    Sec.  69.606   Computation of average schedule company payments.
    Sec.  69.607   Disbursement of Carrier Common Line residue.
    Sec.  69.608   Carrier Common Line hypothetical net balance.
    Sec.  69.609   End User Common Line hypothetical net balances.
    Sec.  69.610   Other hypothetical net balances.
    Sec.  69.612   Long term and transitional support.
                       Subpart H—Pricing Flexibility

    Sec.  69.701   Application of rules in this subpart.
    Sec.  69.703   Definitions.
    Sec.  69.705   Procedure.
    Sec.  69.707   Geographic scope of petition.
    Sec.  69.709   Dedicated  transport and special access services other than
   channel terminations between LEC end offices and customer premises.
    Sec.  69.711   Channel  terminations  between LEC end offices and customer
    Sec.  69.713   Common line, traffic-sensitive, and tandem-switched transport
    Sec.  Sec.  69.714-69.724   [Reserved]
    Sec.  69.725   Attribution of revenues to particular wire centers.
    Sec.  69.727   Regulatory relief.
    Sec.  69.729   New services.
    Sec.  69.731   Low-end adjustment mechanism.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154, 201, 202, 203, 205, 218, 220, 254, 403.

   Source:   48 FR 10358, Mar. 11, 1983, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General