Table of Parts
                             Subpart A—General

    Sec.  68.1   Purpose.
    Sec.  68.2   Scope.
    Sec.  68.3   Definitions.
    Sec.  68.4   Hearing aid-compatible telephones.
    Sec.  68.5   Waivers.
    Sec.  68.6   Telephones with volume control.
    Sec.  68.7   Technical criteria for terminal equipment.
             Subpart B—Conditions on Use of Terminal Equipment

    Sec.  68.100   General.
    Sec.  68.102   Terminal equipment approval requirement.
    Sec.  68.105   Minimum point of entry (MPOE) and demarcation point.
    Sec.  68.106   Notification to provider of wireline telecommunications.
    Sec.  68.108   Incidence of harm.
    Sec.  68.110   Compatibility  of the public switched telephone network and
   terminal equipment.
    Sec.  68.112   Hearing aid-compatibility.
    Sec.  68.160   Designation of Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs).
    Sec.  68.162   Requirements for Telecommunication Certification Bodies.
              Subpart C—Terminal Equipment Approval Procedures

    Sec.  68.201   Connection to the public switched telephone network.
    Sec.  68.211   Terminal equipment approval revocation procedures.
    Sec.  68.213   Installation of other than “fully protected” non-system simple
   customer premises wiring.
    Sec.  68.214   Changes in other than “fully protected” premises wiring that
   serves fewer than four subscriber access lines.
    Sec.  68.215   Installation of other than “fully protected” system premises
   wiring that serves more than four subscriber access lines.
    Sec.  68.218   Responsibility of the party acquiring equipment authorization.
    Sec.  68.224   Notice of non-hearing aid compatibility.
            Subpart D—Conditions for Terminal Equipment Approval

    Sec.  68.300   Labeling requirements.
    Sec.  68.316   Hearing aid compatibility: Technical requirements.
    Sec.  68.317   Hearing aid compatibility volume control: technical standards.
    Sec.  68.318   Additional limitations.
    Sec.  68.320   Supplier's Declaration of Conformity.
    Sec.  68.321   Location of responsible party.
    Sec.  68.322   Changes in name, address, ownership or control of responsible
    Sec.  68.324   Supplier's Declaration of Conformity requirements.
    Sec.  68.326   Retention of records.
    Sec.  68.346   Description of testing facilities.
    Sec.  68.348   Changes  in equipment and circuitry subject to a Supplier's
   Declaration of Conformity.
    Sec.  68.350   Revocation of Supplier's Declaration of Conformity.
    Sec.  68.354   Numbering and labeling requirements for terminal equipment.
                       Subpart E—Complaint Procedures

    Sec.  Sec.  68.400-68.412   [Reserved]
    Sec.  68.414   Hearing aid-compatibility: Enforcement.
    Sec.  68.415   Hearing aid-compatibility and volume control informal complaints.
    Sec.  68.417   Informal complaints; form and content.
    Sec.  68.418   Procedure; designation of agents for service.
    Sec.  68.419   Answers to informal complaints.
    Sec.  68.420   Review and disposition of informal complaints.
    Sec.  68.423   Actions by the Commission on its own motion.
                            Subpart F [Reserved]

         Subpart G—Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments

    Sec.  68.602   Sponsor of the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments.
    Sec.  68.604   Requirements for submitting technical criteria.
    Sec.  68.608   Publication of technical criteria.
    Sec.  68.610   Database of terminal equipment.
    Sec.  68.612   Labels on terminal equipment.
    Sec.  68.614   Oppositions and appeals.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154, 303.

Subpart A—General

   Authority:   Secs. 4, 5, 303, 48 Stat., as amended, 1066, 1068, 1082; (47
   U.S.C. 154, 155, 303).

   Source:   45 FR 20841, Mar. 31, 1980, unless otherwise noted.