Table of Parts
                             Subpart A—General

    Sec.  61.1   Purpose and application.
    Sec.  61.2   General tariff requirements.
    Sec.  61.3   Definitions.
    Sec.  Sec.  61.11-61.12   [Reserved]
                   Subpart B—Rules for Electronic Filing

    Sec.  61.13   Scope.
    Sec.  61.14   Method of filing publications.
    Sec.  61.15   Letters of transmittal and cover letters.
    Sec.  61.16   Base documents.
    Sec.  61.17   Method of filing applications for special permission.
              Subpart C—General Rules for Nondominant Carriers

    Sec.  61.18   Scope.
    Sec.  61.19   Detariffing   of   international  and  interstate,  domestic
   interexchange services.
    Sec.  61.20   Method of filing publications.
    Sec.  61.21   Cover letters.
    Sec.  61.22   Composition of tariffs.
    Sec.  61.23   Notice requirements.
    Sec.  61.25   References to other instruments.
    Sec.  61.26   Tariffing of competitive interstate switched exchange access
     Subpart D—General Tariff Rules for International Dominant Carriers

    Sec.  61.28   International dominant carrier tariff filing requirements.
               Subpart E—General Rules for Dominant Carriers

    Sec.  61.31   Scope.
    Sec.  61.32   Method of filing publications.
    Sec.  61.33   Letters of transmittal.
    Sec.  61.38   Supporting  information  to  be  submitted  with  letters of
    Sec.  61.39   Optional supporting information to be submitted with letters of
   transmittal for Access Tariff filings effective on or after April 1, 1989,
   by local exchange carriers serving 50,000 or fewer access lines in a given
   study area that are described as subset 3 carriers in  Sec. 69.602.
    Sec.  61.40   Private line rate structure guidelines.
    Sec.  61.41   Price cap requirements generally.
    Sec.  61.42   Price cap baskets and service categories.
    Sec.  61.43   Annual price cap filings required.
    Sec.  61.44   [Reserved]
    Sec.  61.45   Adjustments to the PCI for Local Exchange Carriers.
    Sec.  61.46   Adjustments to the API.
    Sec.  61.47   Adjustments to the SBI; pricing bands.
    Sec.  61.48   Transition rules for price cap formula calculations.
    Sec.  61.49   Supporting information to be submitted with letters of transmittal
   for tariffs of carriers subject to price cap regulation.
    Sec.  Sec.  61.50-61.51   [Reserved]
    Sec.  61.52   Form, size, type, legibility, etc.
    Sec.  61.54   Composition of tariffs.
    Sec.  61.55   Contract-based tariffs.
    Sec.  61.58   Notice requirements.
    Sec.  61.59   Effective period required before changes.
Subpart F—Specific Rules for Tariff Publications of Dominant and Nondominant

    Sec.  61.66   Scope.
    Sec.  61.68   Special notations.
    Sec.  61.69   Rejection.
    Sec.  61.72   Public information requirements.
    Sec.  61.73   Duplication of rates or regulations.
    Sec.  61.74   References to other instruments.
    Sec.  61.83   Consecutive numbering.
    Sec.  61.86   Supplements.
    Sec.  61.87   Cancellation of tariffs.
                           Subpart G—Concurrences

    Sec.  61.131   Scope.
    Sec.  61.132   Method of filing concurrences.
    Sec.  61.133   Format of concurrences.
    Sec.  61.134   Concurrences for through services.
    Sec.  61.135   Concurrences for other purposes.
    Sec.  61.136   Revocation of concurrences.
               Subpart H—Applications for Special Permission

    Sec.  61.151   Scope.
    Sec.  61.152   Terms of applications and grants.
    Sec.  61.153   Method of filing applications.
  Subpart I—Adoption of Tariffs and Other Documents of Predecessor Carriers

    Sec.  61.171   Adoption notice.
    Sec.  61.172   Changes to be incorporated in tariffs of successor carrier.
                           Subpart J—Suspensions

    Sec.  61.191   Carrier to file supplement when notified of suspension.
    Sec.  61.192   Contents of supplement announcing suspension.
    Sec.  61.193   Vacation of suspension order; supplements announcing same; etc.

   Authority:   Secs. 1, 4(i), 4(j), 201–205 and 403 of the Communications Act
   of 1934, as amended; 47 U.S.C. 151, 154(i), 154(j), 201–205 and 403, unless
   otherwise noted.

   Source:   49 FR 40869, Oct. 18, 1984, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General