Table of Parts
                       Subpart A—General Information

    Sec.  54.1   Basis and purpose.
    Sec.  54.5   Terms and definitions.
    Sec.  54.7   Intended use of federal universal service support.
                 Subpart B—Services Designated for Support

    Sec.  54.101   Supported services for rural, insular and high cost areas.
         Subpart C—Carriers Eligible for Universal Service Support

    Sec.  54.201   Definition of eligible telecommunications carriers, generally.
    Sec.  54.202   Additional requirements for Commission designation of eligible
   telecommunications carriers.
    Sec.  54.203   Designation of eligible telecommunications carriers for unserved
    Sec.  54.205   Relinquishment of universal service.
    Sec.  54.207   Service areas.
    Sec.  54.209   Annual   reporting  requirements  for  designated  eligible
   telecommunications carriers.
          Subpart D—Universal Service Support for High Cost Areas

    Sec.  54.301   Local switching support.
    Sec.  54.303   Long term support.
    Sec.  54.305   Sale or transfer of exchanges.
    Sec.  54.307   Support to a competitive eligible telecommunications carrier.
    Sec.  54.309   Calculation and distribution of forward-looking support for
   non-rural carriers.
    Sec.  54.311   Interim hold-harmless support for non-rural carriers.
    Sec.  54.313   State certification of support for non-rural carriers.
    Sec.  54.314   State certification of support for rural carriers.
    Sec.  54.315   Disaggregation and targeting of high-cost support.
    Sec.  54.316   Rate comparability review and certification for areas served by
   non-rural carriers.
        Subpart E—Universal Service Support for Low-Income Consumers

    Sec.  54.400   Terms and definitions.
    Sec.  54.401   Lifeline defined.
    Sec.  54.403   Lifeline support amount.
    Sec.  54.405   Carrier obligation to offer Lifeline.
    Sec.  54.407   Reimbursement for offering Lifeline.
    Sec.  54.409   Consumer qualification for Lifeline.
    Sec.  54.410   Certification and Verification of Consumer Qualification for
    Sec.  54.411   Link Up program defined.
    Sec.  54.413   Reimbursement for revenue forgone in offering a Link Up program.
    Sec.  54.415   Consumer qualification for Link Up.
    Sec.  54.416   Certification of consumer Qualification for Link Up.
    Sec.  54.417   Recordkeeping requirements.
       Subpart F—Universal Service Support for Schools and Libraries

    Sec.  54.500   Terms and definitions.
    Sec.  54.501   Eligibility for services provided by telecommunications carriers.
    Sec.  54.502   Supported telecommunications services.
    Sec.  54.503   Other supported special services.
    Sec.  54.504   Requests for services.
    Sec.  54.505   Discounts.
    Sec.  54.506   Internal connections.
    Sec.  54.507   Cap.
    Sec.  54.508   Technology plans.
    Sec.  54.509   Adjustments to the discount matrix.
    Sec.  54.511   Ordering services.
    Sec.  54.513   Resale and transfer of services.
    Sec.  54.514   Payment for discounted service.
    Sec.  54.515   Distributing support.
    Sec.  54.516   Auditing.
    Sec.  54.517   Services provided by non-telecommunications carriers.
    Sec.  54.518   Support for wide area networks.
    Sec.  54.519   State telecommunications networks.
    Sec.  54.520   Children's Internet Protection Act certifications required from
   recipients  of  discounts  under the federal universal service support
   mechanism for schools and libraries.
    Sec.  54.521   Prohibition on participation: suspension and debarment.
    Sec.  54.522   Eligible services list.
    Sec.  54.523   Payment for the non-discount portion of supported services.
       Subpart G—Universal Service Support for Health Care Providers

    Sec.  54.601   Eligibility.
    Sec.  54.603   Competitive bid requirements.
    Sec.  54.604   Existing contracts.
    Sec.  54.605   Determining the urban rate.
    Sec.  54.607   Determining the rural rate.
    Sec.  54.609   Calculating support.
    Sec.  54.611   Distributing support.
    Sec.  54.613   Limitations  on  supported  services  for rural health care
    Sec.  54.615   Obtaining services.
    Sec.  54.617   Resale.
    Sec.  54.619   Audits and recordkeeping.
    Sec.  54.621   Access to advanced telecommunications and information services.
    Sec.  54.623   Cap.
    Sec.  54.625   Support for services beyond the maximum supported distance for
   rural health care providers.
                          Subpart H—Administration

    Sec.  54.701   Administrator of universal service support mechanisms.
    Sec.  54.702   Administrator's functions and responsibilities.
    Sec.  54.703   The Administrator's Board of Directors.
    Sec.  54.704   The Administrator's Chief Executive Officer.
    Sec.  54.705   Committees of the Administrator's Board of Directors.
    Sec.  54.706   Contributions.
    Sec.  54.707   Audit controls.
    Sec.  54.708   De minimis exemption.
    Sec.  54.709   Computations of required contributions to universal service
   support mechanisms.
    Sec.  54.711   Contributor reporting requirements.
    Sec.  54.712   Carrier recovery of universal service costs from end-users.
    Sec.  54.713   Contributors' failure to report or to contribute.
    Sec.  54.715   Administrative expenses of the Administrator.
    Sec.  54.717   Audits of the Administrator.
         Subpart I—Review of Decisions Issued by the Administrator

    Sec.  54.719   Parties permitted to seek review of Administrator decisions.
    Sec.  54.720   Filing deadlines.
    Sec.  54.721   General filing requirements.
    Sec.  54.722   Review by the Wireline Competition Bureau or the Commission.
    Sec.  54.723   Standard of review.
    Sec.  54.724   Time periods for Commission approval of Administrator decisions.
    Sec.  54.725   Universal service disbursements during pendency of a request for
   review and Administrator decision.
      Subpart J—Interstate Access Universal Service Support Mechanism

    Sec.  54.800   Terms and definitions.
    Sec.  54.801   General.
    Sec.  54.802   Obligations of local exchange carriers and the Administrator.
    Sec.  54.803   Universal service zones.
    Sec.  54.804   Preliminary minimum access universal service support for a study
   area calculated by the Administrator.
    Sec.  54.805   Zone and study area above benchmark revenues calculated by the
    Sec.  54.806   Calculation by the Administrator of interstate access universal
   service support for areas served by price cap local exchange carriers.
    Sec.  54.807   Interstate access universal service support.
    Sec.  54.808   Transition provisions and periodic calculation.
    Sec.  54.809   Carrier certification.
   Subpart K—Interstate Common Line Support Mechanism for Rate-of-Return

    Sec.  54.901   Calculation of Interstate Common Line Support.
    Sec.  54.902   Calculation of Interstate Common Line Support for transferred
    Sec.  54.903   Obligations of rate-of-return carriers and the Administrator.
    Sec.  54.904   Carrier certification.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 1, 4(i), 201, 205, 214, and 254 unless otherwise

   Source:   62 FR 32948, June 17, 1997, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General Information