Table of Parts
    Sec.  3.1   Scope, basis, purpose.
    Sec.  3.2   Terms and definitions.
    Sec.  3.10   Basic qualifications.
    Sec.  3.11   Location of settlement operation.
   Application Procedures
    Sec.  3.20   Application form.
    Sec.  3.21   Order of consideration.
    Sec.  3.22   Number of accounting authority identification codes per applicant.
    Sec.  3.23   Legal applicant.
    Sec.  3.24   Evidence of financial responsibility.
    Sec.  3.25   Number of copies.
    Sec.  3.26   Where application is to be mailed.
    Sec.  3.27   Amended application.
    Sec.  3.28   Denial of privilege.
    Sec.  3.29   Notifications.
   Settlement Operations
    Sec.  3.40   Operational requirements.
    Sec.  3.41   Amount of time allowed before initial settlements.
    Sec.  3.42   Location of processing facility.
    Sec.  3.43   Applicable rules and regulations.
    Sec.  3.44   Time to achieve settlements.
    Sec.  3.45   Amount of charges.
    Sec.  3.46   Use of gold francs.
    Sec.  3.47   Use of SDRs.
    Sec.  3.48   Cooperation with the Commission.
    Sec.  3.49   Agreement to be audited.
    Sec.  3.50   Retention of settlement records.
    Sec.  3.51   Cessation of operations.
    Sec.  3.52   Complaint/inquiry resolution procedures.
    Sec.  3.53   FCC notification of refusal to provide telecommunications service
   to U.S. registered vessel(s).
    Sec.  3.54   Notification of change in address.
   Reporting Requirements
    Sec.  3.60   Reports.
    Sec.  3.61   Reporting address.
    Sec.  3.62   Request for confidentiality.
    Sec.  3.70   Investigations.
    Sec.  3.71   Warnings.
    Sec.  3.72   Grounds for further enforcement action.
    Sec.  3.73   Waiting period after cancellation.
    Sec.  3.74   Ship   stations   affected  by  suspension,  cancellation  or
    Sec.  3.75   Licensee's failure to make timely payment.
    Sec.  3.76   Licensee's liability for payment.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154(i), 154(j) and 303(r).

   Source:   61 FR 20165, May 6, 1996, unless otherwise noted.