Table of Parts
                       Subpart A—General Information

    Sec.  24.1   Basis and purpose.
    Sec.  24.2   Other applicable rule parts.
    Sec.  24.3   Permissible communications.
    Sec.  24.5   Terms and definitions.
                    Subpart B—Applications and Licenses

   General Filing Requirements
    Sec.  24.10   Scope.
    Sec.  24.11   Initial authorization.
    Sec.  24.12   Eligibility.
    Sec.  24.15   License period.
    Sec.  24.16   Criteria for comparative renewal proceedings.
                       Subpart C—Technical Standards

    Sec.  24.50   Scope.
    Sec.  24.51   Equipment authorization.
    Sec.  24.52   RF hazards.
    Sec.  24.53   Calculation of height above average terrain (HAAT).
    Sec.  24.55   Antenna structures; air navigation safety.
                          Subpart D—Narrowband PCS

    Sec.  24.100   Scope.
    Sec.  24.101   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.102   Service areas.
    Sec.  24.103   Construction requirements.
    Sec.  24.104   Partitioning and disaggregation.
    Sec.  24.129   Frequencies.
    Sec.  24.130   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.131   Authorized bandwidth.
    Sec.  24.132   Power and antenna height limits.
    Sec.  24.133   Emission limits.
    Sec.  24.134   Co-channel separation criteria.
    Sec.  24.135   Frequency stability.
                          Subpart E—Broadband PCS

    Sec.  24.200   Scope.
    Sec.  24.202   Service areas.
    Sec.  24.203   Construction requirements.
    Sec.  24.229   Frequencies.
    Sec.  24.232   Power and antenna height limits.
    Sec.  24.235   Frequency stability.
    Sec.  24.236   Field strength limits.
    Sec.  24.237   Interference protection.
    Sec.  24.238   Emission limitations for Broadband PCS equipment.
   Policies Governing Microwave Relocation From the 1850–1990 MHz Band
    Sec.  24.239   Cost-sharing requirements for broadband PCS.
    Sec.  24.241   Administration of the Cost-Sharing Plan.
    Sec.  24.243   The cost-sharing formula.
    Sec.  24.245   Reimbursement under the Cost-Sharing Plan.
    Sec.  24.247   Triggering a reimbursement obligation.
    Sec.  24.249   Payment issues.
    Sec.  24.251   Dispute resolution under the Cost-Sharing Plan.
    Sec.  24.253   Termination of cost-sharing obligations.
   Appendix I to Subpart E of Part 24—A Procedure for Calculating PCS Signal
   Levels at Microwave Receivers (Appendix E of the Memorandum Opinion and
        Subpart F—Competitive Bidding Procedures for Narrowband PCS

    Sec.  24.301   Narrowband PCS subject to competitive bidding.
    Sec.  24.302-24.309   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.320   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.321   Designated entities.
Subpart G—Interim Application, Licensing and Processing Rules for Narrowband

    Sec.  24.403   Authorization required.
    Sec.  24.404   Eligibility.
    Sec.  Sec.  24.405-24.414   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.415   Technical content of applications; maintenance of list of station
    Sec.  Sec.  24.416-24.429   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.430   Opposition to applications.
    Sec.  24.431   Mutually exclusive applications.
    Sec.  Sec.  24.432-24.444   [Reserved]
         Subpart H—Competitive Bidding Procedures for Broadband PCS

    Sec.  24.701   Broadband PCS subject to competitive bidding.
    Sec.  Sec.  24.702-24.708   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.709   Eligibility for licenses for frequency Blocks C or F.
    Sec.  24.710   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.711   Installment payments for licenses for frequency Block C.
    Sec.  24.712   Bidding credits for licenses won for frequency Block C.
    Sec.  24.713   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.714   Partitioned licenses and disaggregated spectrum.
    Sec.  24.716   Installment payments for licenses for frequency Block F.
    Sec.  24.717   Bidding credits for licenses for frequency Block F.
    Sec.  24.720   Definitions.
Subpart I—Interim Application, Licensing, and Processing Rules for Broadband

    Sec.  Sec.  24.801-24.803   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.804   Eligibility.
    Sec.  Sec.  24.805-24.814   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.815   Technical content of applications; maintenance of list of station
    Sec.  Sec.  24.816-24.829   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.830   Opposition to applications.
    Sec.  24.831   Mutually exclusive applications.
    Sec.  24.832   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.833   Post-auction divestitures.
    Sec.  Sec.  24.834-24.838   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.839   Transfer of control or assignment of license.
    Sec.  Sec.  24.840-24.842   [Reserved]
    Sec.  24.843   Extension of time to complete construction.
    Sec.  24.844   [Reserved]
     Subpart J—Required New Capabilities Pursuant to the Communications
                 Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

    Sec.  24.900   Purpose.
    Sec.  24.901   Scope.
    Sec.  24.902   Definitions.
    Sec.  24.903   Capabilities  that  must  be  provided  by  a broadband PCS
   telecommunications carrier.

   Authority:   47 U.S.C. 154, 301, 302, 303, 309 and 332.

   Source:   58 FR 59183, Nov. 8, 1993, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at
   59 FR 18499, Apr. 19, 1994.

Subpart A—General Information