Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 3, Parts 40 to 69]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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[CITE: 47CFR64]

[Page 174-222]
                      TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

                    Subpart A--Traffic Damage Claims

64.1  Traffic damage claims.

     Subpart B--Restrictions on Indecent Telephone Message Services

64.201  Restrictions on indecent telephone message services.

     Subpart C--Furnishing of Facilities to Foreign Governments for 
                      International Communications

64.301  Furnishing of facilities to foreign governments for 
          international communications.

   Subpart D--Procedures for Handling Priority Services in Emergencies

64.401  Policies and procedures for provisioning and restoring certain 
          telecommunications services in emergencies.

       Subpart E--Use of Recording Devices by Telephone Companies

64.501  Recording of telephone conversations with telephone companies.

   Subpart F--Telecommunications Relay Services and Related Customer 
            Premises Equipment for Persons With Disabilities

64.601  Definitions.
64.602  Jurisdiction.
64.603  Provision of services.
64.604  Mandatory minimum standards.
64.605  State certification.
64.606  Furnishing related customer premises equipment.
64.607  Provision of hearing aid compatible telephones by exchange 
64.608  Enforcement of related customer premises equipment rules.

    Subpart G--Furnishing of Enhanced Services and Customer-Premises 
Equipment by Communications Common Carriers; Telephone Operator Services

64.702  Furnishing of enhanced services and customer-premises equipment.
64.703  Consumer information.
64.704  Call blocking prohibited.
64.705  Restrictions on charges related to the provision of operator 
64.706  Minimum standards for the routing and handling of emergency 
          telephone calls.
64.707  Public dissemination of information by providers of operator 
64.708  Definitions.

  Subpart H--Extension of Unsecured Credit for Interstate and Foreign 
        Communications Services to Candidates for Federal Office

64.801  Purpose.
64.802  Applicability.
64.803  Definitions.
64.804  Rules governing the extension of unsecured credit to candidates 
          or persons on behalf of such candidates for Federal office for 
          interstate and foreign common carrier communication services.

                     Subpart I--Allocation of Costs

64.901  Allocation of costs.
64.902  Transactions with affiliates.
64.903  Cost allocation manuals.
64.904  Independent audits.

  Subpart J--International Settlements Policy and Modification Requests

64.1001  International settlements policy and modification requests.
64.1002  Alternative settlement arrangements.

                Subpart K--Changing Long Distance Service

64.1100  Verification of orders for long distance service generated by 
64.1150  Letter of agency form and content.

            Subpart L--Restrictions on Telephone Solicitation

64.1200  Delivery restrictions.
64.1201  Restrictions on billing name and address disclosure.

                Subpart M--Provision of payphone service.

64.1300  Payphone compensation obligation.
64.1301  Payphone compensation.
64,1310  Payphone compensation procedures.

[[Page 175]]

64.1320  Payphone compensation verification and reports.
64.1330  State review of payphone entry and exit regulations and public 
          interest payphones.
64.1340  Right to negotiate.

                   Subpart N--Expanded Interconnection

64.1401  Expanded interconnection.
64.1402  Rights and responsibilities of interconnectors.

    Subpart O--Interstate Pay-Per-Call and Other Information Services

64.1501  Definitions.
64.1502  Limitations on the provision of pay-per-call services.
64.1503  Termination of pay-per-call and other information programs.
64.1504  Restrictions on the use of toll-free numbers.
64.1505  Restrictions on collect telephone calls.
64.1506  Number designation.
64.1507  Prohibition on disconnection or interruption of service for 
          failure to remit pay-per-call and similar service charges.
64.1508  Blocking access to 900 service.
64.1509  Disclosure and dissemination of pay-per-call information.
64.1510  Billing and collection of pay-per-call and similar service 
64.1511  Forgiveness of charges and refunds.
64.1512  Involuntary blocking of pay-per-call services.
64.1513  Verification of charitable status.
64.1514  Generation of signalling tones.
64.1515  Recovery of costs.

           Subpart P--Calling Party Telephone Number; Privacy

64.1600  Definitions.
64.1601  Delivery requirements and privacy restrictions.
64.1602  Restrictions on use and sale of telephone subscriber 
          information provided pursuant to automatic number 
          identification or charge number services.
64.1603  Customer notification.
64.1604  Effective date.

  Subpart Q--Implementation of Section 273(d)(5) of the Communications 
          Act: Dispute Resolution Regarding Equipment Standards

64.1700  Purpose and scope.
64.1701  Definitions.
64.1702  Procedures.
64.1703  Dispute resolution default process.
64.1704  Frivolous disputes/penalties.

        Subpart R--Geographic Rate Averaging and Rate Integration

64.1801  Geographic rate averaging and rate integration.

 Subpart S--Nondominant Interexchange Carrier Certifications Regarding 
       Geographic Rate Averaging and Rate Integration Requirements

64.1900  Nondominant interexchange carrier certifications regarding 
          geographic rate averaging and rate integration requirements.

  Subpart T--Separate Affiliate Requirements for Incumbent Independent 
  Local Exchange Carriers That Provide In-Region, Interstate Domestic 
Interexchange Services or In-Region International Interexchange Services

64.1901  Basis and purpose.
64.1902  Terms and definitions.
64.1903  Obligations of all incumbent independent local exchange 

Appendix A to Part 64--Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System 
          for National Security Emergency Preparedness (NSEP)

    Authority:  47 U.S.C. 154, 254(k); secs. 403(b)(2)(B), (c), Public 
Law 104-104, 110 Stat. 56. Interpret or apply 47 U.S.C. secs 201, 218, 
226, 228, and 254(k) unless otherwise noted.

    Source:  28 FR 13239, Dec. 5, 1963, unless otherwise noted.

                    Subpart A--Traffic Damage Claims