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FCC 62.12
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Sec. 62.12  Information required for findings of common ownership.

    Authorization to hold interlocking directorates based upon a finding 
of common ownership must be obtained where a carrier found to be 
dominant under 47 CFR part 61 or where any carrier not yet found to be 
non-dominant is involved. Each application for such authorization shall 
state the following:
    (a) The name and address of the carrier which seeks a finding that 
it owns more than 50 percent of the stock of another or other carriers; 
or the name and address of the person who seeks a finding that he owns 
50 percent or more of the stock of two or more carriers; and
    (b) The name and address of each carrier with respect to which the 
finding is sought by the applicant; for each such carrier, the total 
number of outstanding shares of stock of each category (common, 
preferred, etc.); the voting rights of each category; for each category, 
the number of shares directly or indirectly owned by the applicant and 
the percentage of the total number of outstanding shares in each 
category so owned. Where ownership is indirect,

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the applicant shall submit information regarding each intermediate 
entity involved to show that the applicant is the owner of the stock 

[ 50 FR 31377 , Aug. 2, 1985, as amended at  51 FR 6116 , Feb. 20, 1986]

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