Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 3, Parts 40 to 69]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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[CITE: 47CFR54]

[Page 70-96]
                      TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

                     Subpart A--General Information

54.1  Basis and purpose.
54.5  Terms and definitions.
54.7  Intended use of federal universal service support.

               Subpart B--Services Designated for Support

54.101  Supported services for rural, insular and high cost areas.

       Subpart C--Carriers Eligible for Universal Service Support

54.201  Designation of eligible telecommunications carriers, generally.
54.203  Designation of eligible telecommunications carriers for unserved 
54.205  Relinquishment of universal service.
54.207  Service areas.

        Subpart D--Universal Service Support for High Cost Areas

54.301  Local switching support.
54.303  Long term support.
54.305  Sale or transfer of exchanges.
54.307  Support to a competitive eligible telecommunications carrier.

      Subpart E--Universal Service Support for Low Income Consumers

54.400  Terms and definitions.
54.401  Lifeline defined.
54.403  Lifeline support amount.
54.405  Carrier obligation to offer Lifeline.
54.407  Reimbursement for offering Lifeline.
54.409  Consumer qualification for Lifeline.
54.411  Link up program defined.
54.413  Reimbursement for revenue forgone in offering a Link Up program.
54.415  Consumer qualification for Link Up.
54.417  Transition to the new Lifeline and Link Up programs.

     Subpart F--Universal Service Support for Schools and Libraries

54.500  Terms and definitions.
54.501  Eligibility for services provided by telecommunications 
54.502  Supported telecommunications services.
54.503  Other supported special services.
54.504  Requests for service.
54.505  Discounts.
54.507  Cap.
54.509  Adjustments to the discount matrix.
54.511  Ordering services.
54.513  Resale.
54.515  Distributing support.
54.516  Auditing.
54.517  Services provided by non-telecommunications carriers.

     Subpart G--Universal Service Support for Health Care Providers

54.601  Eligibility.
54.603  Competitive bidding.
54.605  Determining the urban rate.
54.607  Determining the rural rate.
54.609  Calculating support.
54.611  Distributing support.
54.613  Limitations on supported services for rural health care 
54.615  Obtaining services.
54.617  Resale.
54.619  Audit program.
54.621  Access to advanced telecommunications and informationservices.
54.623  Cap.

                        Subpart H--Administration

54.701  Administrator of universal service support mechanisms.
54.703  Contributions.
54.705  De minimis exemption.
54.707  Audit controls.
54.709  Computations of required contributions to universal service 
          support mechanisms.
54.711  Contributor reporting requirements.
54.713  Contributors' failure to report or to contribute.
54.715  Administrator's functions.

    Authority: 47 U.S.C. 1, 4(i), 201, 205, 214, and 254 unless 
otherwise noted.

    Source: 62 FR 32948, June 17, 1997, unless otherwise noted.

                     Subpart A--General Information