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FCC 43.53
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Sec. 43.53  Reports regarding division of international toll 
          communication charges.

    (a) Each communication common carrier engaged directly in the 
transmission or reception of telegraph communications between the 
continental United States and any foreign country (other than one to 
which the domestic word-count applies) shall file a report with the 
Commission within thirty (30) days of the date of any arrangement 
concerning the division of the total telegraph charges on such 
communications other than transiting. A carrier first becoming subject 
to the provisions of this section must, within thirty (30) days 
thereafter, file with the Commission a report covering any such existing 
    (b) In the event that any change is made which affects data 
previously filed, a revised page incorporating such change or changes 
must be filed with the Commission not later than thirty (30) days from 
the date the change is made, provided, however, that any change in the 
amount of foreign participation in charges for outbound communications 
or in the respondent's participation in charges for inbound 
communications must be filed not later than thirty (30) days from the 
date the change is agreed upon.
    (c) A single copy of each such report must be filed in a format that 
contains a clear, concise and definite statement of the arrangements.

[ 51 FR 45891 , Dec. 23, 1986, as amended at  52 FR 8453 , Mar. 18, 1987]

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