Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 2, Parts 20 to 39]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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[CITE: 47CFR27]

[Page 378-405]
                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

                     Subpart A--General Information

27.1  Basis and purpose.
27.2  Permissible communications.
27.3  Other applicable rule parts.
27.4  Terms and definitions.
27.5  Frequencies.
27.6  Service areas.

                  Subpart B--Applications and Licenses

27.11  Initial authorization.
27.12  Eligibility.
27.13  License period.
27.14  Construction requirements; Criteria for comparative renewal 
27.15  Geographic partitioning and spectrum disaggregation.

                     Subpart C--Technical Standards

27.50  Power limits.
27.51  Equipment authorization.
27.52  RF safety.
27.53  Emission limits.
27.54  Frequency stability.
27.55  Field strength limits.
27.56  Antenna structures; air navigation safety.
27.57  International coordination.
27.58  Interference to MDS/ITFS receivers.
27.59  Environmental requirements.
27.61  Quiet zones.
27.63  Disturbance of AM broadcast station antenna patterns.
27.64  Protection from interference.

            Subpart D--Competitive Bidding Procedures for WCS

27.201  WCS subject to competitive bidding.
27.202  Competitive bidding mechanisms.
27.203  Withdrawal, default and disqualification payments.
27.204  Bidding application and certification procedures; prohibition of 
27.205  Submission of upfront payments.
27.206  Submission of down payment and filing of long-form applications.
27.207  Procedures for filing petitions to deny against WCS long-form 
27.208  License grant, denial, default, and disqualification.
27.209  Designated entities; bidding credits; unjust enrichment.
27.210  Definitions.

     Subpart E--Application, Licensing, and Processing Rules for WCS

27.301  Authorization required.
27.302  Eligibility.
27.303  Formal and informal applications.
27.304  Filing of WCS applications, fees, and numbers of copies.
27.305  [Reserved]
27.306  Miscellaneous forms.
27.307  General application requirements.
27.308  Technical content of applications.
27.310  Waiver of rules.
27.311  Defective applications.
27.312  Inconsistent or conflicting applications.
27.313  Amendment of applications for Wireless Communications Service 
          (other than applications filed on FCC Form 175).
27.314  Application for temporary authorizations.
27.315  Receipt of application; applications in the Wireless 
          Communications Service filed on FCC Form 175 and other 
          applications in the WCS Service.
27.316  Public notice period.
27.317  Dismissal and return of applications.
27.319  Ownership changes and agreements to amend or to dismiss 
          applications or pleadings.
27.320  Opposition to applications.
27.321  Mutually exclusive applications.
27.322  Consideration of applications.
27.323  [Reserved]

[[Page 379]]

27.324  Transfer of control or assignment of station authorization.
27.325  Termination of authorization.

    Authority:  47 U.S.C. 154, 301, 302, 303, 307, 309 and 332, unless 
otherwise noted.

    Source: 62 FR 9658, Mar. 3, 1997, unless otherwise noted.

                     Subpart A--General Information