Table of Parts
[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 2, Parts 20 to 39]
[Revised as of October 1, 1997]
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[CITE: 47CFR25]

[Page 302-354]
                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION

                           Subpart A--General

25.101  Basis and scope.
25.102  Station authorization required.
25.103  Definitions.
25.104  Preemption of local zoning of earth stations.
25.105-25.108  [Reserved]
25.109  Cross-reference.

                  Subpart B--Applications and Licenses

                 General Application Filing Requirements

25.110  Filing of applications, fees, and number of copies.
25.111  Additional information.
25.112  Defective applications.
25.113  Construction permits, station licenses, launch authority.
25.114  Applications for space station authorizations.
25.115  Application for earth station authorizations.
25.116  Amendments to applications.
25.117  Modification of station license.
25.118  Modifications not requiring prior authorization.
25.119  Assignment or transfer of control of station authorization.
25.120  Application for special temporary authorization.
25.121  License term and renewals.

[[Page 303]]

                             Earth Stations

25.130  Filing requirements for transmitting earth stations.
25.131  Filing requirements for receive-only earth stations.
25.132  Verification of earth station antenna performance standards.
25.133  Period of construction; certification of commencement of 
25.134  Licensing provisions of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) 
25.135  Licensing provisions for earth station networks in the non-
          voice, non-geostationary mobile-satellite service.
25.136  Operating provisions for earth station networks in the 1.6/2.4 
          GHz mobile-satellite service.

                             Space Stations

25.140  Qualifications of fixed-satellite space station licensees.
25.141  Licensing provisions for the radiodetermination satellite 
25.142  Licensing provisions for the non-voice, non-geostationary 
          mobile-satellite service.
25.143  Licensing provisions for the 1.6/2.4 GHz mobile-satellite 
25.144  Licensing provisions for the 2.3 GHz satellite digital audio 
          radio service.

                       Processing of Applications

25.150  Receipt of applications.
25.151  Public notice period.
25.152  Dismissal and return of applications.
25.153  Repetitious applications.
25.154  Opposition to applications and other pleadings.
25.155  Mutually exclusive applications.
25.156  Consideration of applications.

   Forfeiture, Termination, and Reinstatement of Station Authorization

25.160  Administrative sanctions.
25.161  Automatic termination of station authorization.
25.162  Cause for termination of interference protection.
25.163  Reinstatement.

                     Subpart C--Technical Standards

25.201  Definitions.
25.202  Frequencies, frequency tolerance and emission limitations.
25.203  Choice of sites and frequencies.
25.204  Power limits.
25.205  Minimum angle of antenna elevation.
25.206  Station identification.
25.207  Cessation of emissions.
25.208  Power flux density limits.
25.209  Antenna performance standards.
25.210  Technical requirements for space stations in the Fixed-Satellite 
25.211  Video transmissions in the Fixed-Satellite Service.
25.212  Narrowband transmissions in the Fixed-Satellite Service.
25.213  Inter-Service coordination requirements for the 1.6/2.4 GHz 
          mobile-satellite service.
25.214  Technical requirements for space stations in the satellite 
          digital audio radio service.
25.215-25.249  [Reserved]
25.250  Sharing between NGSO MSS Feeder links Earth Stations in the 
          19.3-19.7 GHz and 29.1-29.5 GHz Bands.
25.251  Special requirements for coordination.
25.252-25.256  [Reserved]
25.257  Special requirements for operations in the band 29.1-29.25 GHz 
          between NGSO MSS and LMDS.
25.258  Sharing between NGSO MSS Feeder links Stations and GSO FSS 
          services in the 29.25-29.5 GHz Bands.

                     Subpart D--Technical Operations

25.271  Control of transmitting stations.
25.272  General inter-system coordination procedures.
25.273  Duties regarding space communications transmissions.
25.274  Procedures to be followed in the event of harmful interference.
25.275  Particulars of operation.
25.276  Points of communication.
25.277  Temporary fixed earth station operations.
25.278  Additional coordination obligation for non-geostationary and 
          geostationary satellite systems in frequencies allocated to 
          the fixed-satellite service.
25.279  Inter-satellite service.
25.280  Inclined orbit operations.
25.281  Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS).

                          Subpart E [Reserved]

           Subpart F--Competitive Bidding Procedures for DARS

25.401  Satellite DARS applications subject to competitive bidding.
25.402  Competitive bidding mechanisms.
25.403  Bidding application and certification procedures.
25.404  Submission of downpayment and filing of long-form applicaitons.
25.405  Prohibition of collusion.
25.406  License grant, denial, default, and disqualification.

                          Subpart G [Reserved]

 Subpart H--Authorization To Own Stock in the Communications Satellite 

25.501  Scope of this subpart.
25.502  Definitions.
25.503--25.504  [Reserved]
25.505  Persons requiring authorization.

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25.506--25.514  [Reserved]
25.515  Method of securing authorization.
25.516--25.519  [Reserved]
25.520  Contents of application.
25.521  Who may sign applications.
25.522  Full disclosures.
25.523  Form of application, number of copies, fees, etc.
25.524  [Reserved]
25.525  Action upon applications.
25.526  Amendments.
25.527  Defective applications.
25.528--25.529  [Reserved]
25.530  Scope of authorization.
25.531  Revocation of authorization.

                Subpart I--Equal Employment Opportunities

25.601  Equal employment opportunity requirement.

    Authority:  47 U.S.C. 701-744. Interprets or applies sec. 303, 47 
U.S.C. 303. 47 U.S.C. sections 154, 301, 302, 303, 307, 309 and 332, 
unless otherwise noted.

                           Subpart A--General