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FCC 214.6
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Sec. 214.6  Postattack procedures and actions.

    (a) The frequency management staff supporting the Director, OSTP, 
comprised of predesignated personnel from the frequency management 
staffs of the government user agencies, NTIA and the FCC, will have 
proceeded to the OSTP relocation site in accordance with alerting orders 
in force.
    (b) Government agencies having need for new radio frequency 
assignments or for modification of existing assignments involving a 
change in the frequency usage pattern shall, unless otherwise provided, 
submit applications therefor to the Director, OSTP, by whatever means of 
communication are available and appropriate, together with a statement 
of any preapplication coordination accomplished. The Director, OSTP, 
will review such applications accomplish the necessary additional 
coordination insofar as practicable, consider all pertinent views and 
comments, and grant or deny, as he shall determine, the assignment of 
such frequencies. All concerned will be informed promptly of his 
    (c) Non-Government entities having need for new radio frequency 
assignments or for modifications of existing assignments will continue 
to submit applications therefor to the FCC, or in accordance with FCC 
instructions. Such applications shall be coordinated with the Director, 
OSTP, and granted subject to the approval of the Director, OSTP, or his 

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    (d) All changes of radio frequency usage within U.S. military 
theaters of operation will be coordinated with the Director, OSTP, where 
harmful interference is likely to be caused to stations authorized to 
operate within the United States and its possessions.
    (e) Where submission to the Director, OSTP, is impracticable, the 
applicant shall:
    (1) Consult the NTIA Emergency Readiness Plan for use of the Radio 
Spectrum and the Government Master File;
    (2) Accomplish such coordination as appropriate and possible;
    (3) Act in such manner as to have a minimum impact upon established 
services, accepting the responsibility entailed in taking the temporary 
action required;
    (4) Advise the Director, OSTP, as soon as possible of the action 
taken, and submit an application for retroactive approval.

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Goto Year: 1996 | 1998
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