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FCC 20.7
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Sec. 20.7  Mobile services.

    The following are mobile services within the meaning of sections 
3(n) and 332 of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. 153(n), 332.
    (a) Public mobile services (part 22 of this chapter), including 
fixed operations that support the mobile systems, but excluding Rural 
Radio Service and Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service (part 
22, subpart H of this chapter);
    (b) Private land mobile services (part 90 of this chapter), 
including secondary fixed operations, but excluding fixed services such 
as call box operations and meter reading;
    (c) Mobile satellite services (part 25 of this chapter) including 
dual-use equipment, terminals capable of transmitting while a platform 
is moving, but excluding satellite facilities provided through a 
transportable platform that cannot move when the communications service 
is offered;
    (d) Marine and aviation services (parts 80 and 87 of this chapter), 
including fixed operations that support these marine and aviation mobile 
    (e) Personal radio services (part 95 of this chapter), but excluding 
Interactive Video and Data Service;
    (f) Personal communications services (part 24 of this chapter);
    (g) Auxiliary services provided by mobile service licensees, and 
ancillary fixed communications offered by personal communications 
service providers;
    (h) Unlicensed services meeting the definition of commercial mobile 
radio service in Sec. 20.3, such as the resale of commercial mobile 
radio services, but excluding unlicensed radio frequency devices under 
part 15 of this chapter (including unlicensed personal communications 
service devices).

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Goto Year: 1996 | 1998
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