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FCC 100.73
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Sec. 100.73  Competitive bidding mechanisms.

    (a) Sequencing. In sequential auctions, the Wireless 
Telecommunications Bureau will generally auction DBS construction 
permits in order of their estimated value, with the highest value 
construction permit being auctioned first. The Wireless 
Telecommunications Bureau may vary the sequence in which DBS 
construction permits will be auctioned.
    (b) Grouping. All DBS channels available for a particular orbital 
location will be auctioned as a block, unless the Wireless 
Telecommunications Bureau announces, by Public Notice prior to the 
auction, an alternative auction scheme. In the event the Wireless 
Telecommunications Bureau uses either a simultaneous multiple round 
competitive bidding design or combinatorial bidding, the Wireless 
Telecommunications Bureau will determine which construction permits will 
be auctioned simultaneously or in combination.
    (c) Bid increments and tie bids. The Wireless Telecommunications 
Bureau may, by announcement before or during an auction, establish, 
raise or lower minimum bid increments in dollar or percentage terms. The 
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau may establish and change maximum bid 
increments during an auction. The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau may 
also establish by Public Notice a suggested opening bid or a minimum 
opening bid on each construction permit. Where a tie bid occurs, the 
high bidder will be determined by the order in which the bids were 
received by the Commission.
    (d) Stopping rules. The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau may 
establish stopping rules before or during multiple round auctions in 
order to terminate an auction within a reasonable time.
    (e) Activity rules. The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau may 
establish activity rules which require a minimum amount of bidding 
activity. In the event that the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau 
establishes an activity rule in connection with a simultaneous multiple 
round auction or sequential multiple round electronic auction, each 
bidder will be automatically granted a certain number of waivers of such 
rule during the auction.

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