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FCC 80.68
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  80.68   Facilities requirements for public coast stations using telegraphy.

   Public coast station using telegraphy must be provided with the
   following facilities.

   (a) Stations having a frequency assignment below 150 kHz must:

   (1) Transmit A1A emission on at least one working frequency within the
   band 100-150 kHz;

   (2) Receive A1A emission on all radio channels authorized for
   transmission by mobile stations operating in the maritime mobile
   service for telegraphy within the band 100-150 kHz.

   (b) Stations having a frequency assignment within the 405-525 kHz band
   must transmit and receive on 500 kHz and at least one working frequency
   in the band.

   (c) Stations having frequency assignments above 4000 kHz must be
   equipped to receive on each of their assigned frequencies and all ship
   station radiotelegraphy frequencies in the same sub-band as the
   assigned frequency of the coast station. See subpart H of this part for
   the list of frequencies.


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Goto Year: 2019 | 2021
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