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FCC 80.231
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  80.231   Technical Requirements for Class B Automatic Identification System
(AIS) equipment.

   (a) Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment must meet
   the technical requirements of IEC 62287-1 (incorporated by reference,
   see § 80.7).

   (b) In addition to the labels or other identifying information required
   under § § 2.925 and 2.926 of this chapter, each Class B AIS device shall
   include a conspicuous label that includes: Instructions on how to
   accurately enter into the device and confirm static data pertaining to
   the vessel in which the device is or will be installed; and the
   following statement: "WARNING: It is a violation of the rules of the
   Federal Communications Commission to input an MMSI that has not been
   properly assigned to the end user, or to otherwise input any inaccurate
   data in this device." Instructions on how to accurately enter and
   confirm static data in the device shall also be included in the user's
   manual for the device. The entry of static data into a Class B AIS
   device shall be performed by the vendor of the device or by an
   appropriately qualified person in the business of installing marine
   communications equipment on board vessels. In no event shall the entry
   of static data into a Class B AIS device be performed by the user of
   the device or the licensee of a ship station using the device.
   Knowingly programming a Class B AIS device with inaccurate static data,
   or causing a Class B AIS device to be programmed with inaccurate static
   data, is prohibited.

   (c) Prior to submitting a certification application for a Class B AIS
   device, the following information must be submitted in duplicate to or the Commandant (CG-ENG-4), U.S. Coast Guard
   Stop 7509, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE., Washington, DC

   (1) The name of the manufacturer or grantee and the model number of the
   AIS device; and

   (2) Copies of the test report and test data obtained from the test
   facility showing that the device complies with the environmental and
   operational requirements identified in IEC 62287-1.

   (d) After reviewing the information described in paragraph (c) of this
   section, the U.S. Coast Guard will issue a letter stating whether the
   AIS device satisfies all of the requirements specified in IEC 62287-1.

   (e) A certification application for an AIS device must contain a copy
   of the U.S. Coast Guard letter stating that the device satisfies all of
   the requirements specified in IEC 62287-1, a copy of the technical test
   data, and the instruction manual(s).

   [ 74 FR 5124 , Jan. 29, 2009, as amended at  76 FR 67612 , Nov. 2, 2011;  81 FR 90746 , Dec. 15, 2016]


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