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FCC 68.320
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  68.320   Supplier's Declaration of Conformity.

   (a) Supplier's Declaration of Conformity is a procedure where the
   responsible party, as defined in § 68.3, makes measurements or takes
   other necessary steps to ensure that the terminal equipment complies
   with the appropriate technical standards.

   (b) The Supplier's Declaration of Conformity attaches to all items
   subsequently marketed by the responsible party which are identical,
   within the variation that can be expected to arise as a result of
   quantity production techniques, to the sample tested and found
   acceptable by the responsible party.

   (c) The Supplier's Declaration of Conformity signifies that the
   responsible party has determined that the equipment has been shown to
   comply with the applicable technical criteria if no unauthorized change
   is made in the equipment and if the equipment is properly maintained
   and operated.

   (d) The responsible party, if different from the manufacturer, may upon
   receiving a written statement from the manufacturer that the equipment
   complies with the appropriate technical criteria, rely on the
   manufacturer or independent testing agency to determine compliance. Any
   records that the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments
   requires the responsible party to maintain shall be in the English
   language and shall be made available to the Commission upon a request.

   (e) No person shall use or make reference to a Supplier's Declaration
   of Conformity in a deceptive or misleading manner or to convey the
   impression that such a Supplier's Declaration of Conformity reflects
   more than a determination by the responsible party that the device or
   product has been shown to be capable of complying with the applicable
   technical criteria.

   [ 66 FR 7585 , Jan. 24, 2001, as amended at  83 FR 8633 , Feb. 28, 2018]


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