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FCC 32.5060
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  32.5060   Other basic area revenue.

   This account shall include:

   (a) Revenue from the provision of secondary features which are
   integrated with the telecommunications network such as call forwarding,
   call waiting and touch-tone line service. Also included is revenue
   derived from the provision of public announcement and other record
   message services, directory assistance and other call completion
   services (excluding operator assisted basic long distance calls), as
   well as revenue derived from central office related service connection
   and termination charges, and other non-premise customer specific
   charges associated with public network services. This account shall
   also include local revenue not provided for in other accounts.

   (b) Charges and credits resulting from contractual revenue pooling
   and/or sharing agreements for tariffed local network services only when
   they are not separately identifiable by local network services revenue
   accounts in the settlement process. (See also § 32.4999(e)). To the
   extent that the charges and credits resulting from a settlement process
   can be identified by Local Network Services Revenue account they shall
   be recorded in the applicable account.

   (c) Revenue derived from tariffed information origination/termination
   plant. Included is revenue derived from the provision under leasing
   arrangements of tariffed customer premises equipment (CPE), terminal
   equipment, station apparatus and large private branch exchanges as well
   as tariffed nonrecurring charges related solely to station apparatus.
   Also included are all tariffed charges for customer premises activities
   and facilities not related solely to station apparatus.

   [ 67 FR 5691 , Feb. 6, 2002]


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