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FCC 2.935
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  2.935   Electronic labeling of radiofrequency devices.

   (a) Any radiofrequency device equipped with an integrated electronic
   display screen, or a radiofrequency device without an integrated screen
   that can only operate in conjunction with a device that has an
   electronic display screen, may display on the electronic display the
   FCC Identifier, any warning statements, or other information that the
   Commission's rules would otherwise require to be shown on a physical
   label attached to the device.

   (b) Devices displaying their FCC Identifier, warning statements, or
   other information electronically must make this information readily
   accessible on the electronic display. Users must be provided with
   prominent instructions on how to access the information in the
   operating instructions, inserts in packaging material, or other easily
   accessible format at the time of purchase. The access instructions may
   also be provided via the product-related Web site, if such a Web site
   exists; the packaging material must provide specific instructions on
   how to locate the Web site information, and a copy of these
   instructions must be included in the application for equipment

   (c) Devices displaying their FCC Identifier, warning statements, or
   other information electronically must permit access to the information
   without requiring special codes, accessories or permissions and the
   access to this information must not require more than three steps from
   the device setting menu. The number of steps does not include those
   steps for use of screen locks, passcodes or similar security protection
   designed to control overall device access.

   (d) The electronically displayed FCC Identifier, warning statements, or
   other information must be displayed electronically in a manner that is
   clearly legible without the aid of magnification;

   (e) The necessary label information must be programmed by the
   responsible party and must be secured in such a manner that
   third-parties cannot modify it.

   (f) Devices displaying their FCC Identifier, warning statements, or
   other information electronically must also be labeled, either on the
   device or its packaging, with the FCC Identifier or other information
   (such as a model number and identification of a Web page that hosts the
   relevant regulatory information) that permits the devices to be
   identified at the time of importation, marketing, and sales as
   complying with the FCC's equipment authorization requirements. Devices
   can be labeled with a stick-on label, printing on the packaging, a
   label on a protective bag, or by similar means. Any removable label
   shall be of a type intended to survive normal shipping and handling and
   must only be removed by the customer after purchase.

   [ 82 FR 50827 , Nov. 2, 2017]


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