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FCC 17.53
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  17.53   Lighting equipment and paint.

   The lighting equipment, color or filters, and shade of paint referred
   to in the specifications are further defined in the following
   government and/or Army-Navy aeronautical specifications, bulletins, and
   drawings (lamps are referred to by standard numbers):
   Outside white TT-P-102^1 (Color No. 17875, FS-595).
   Aviation surface orange TT-P-59^1 (Color No. 12197, FS-595).
   Aviation surface orange, enamel TT-E-489^1 (Color No. 12197, FS-595).
   Aviation red obstruction light--color MIL-C-25050^2.
   Flashing beacons CAA-446^3 Code Beacons, 300 mm.
         Do MIL-6273^2.
   Double and single obstruction light L-810^3 (FAA AC No. 150/5345-2^4).
         Do MIL-L-7830^2.
   High intensity white obstruction light FAA/DOD L-856 (FAA AC No.
   116-Watt lamp No. 116 A21/TS (6,000 h).
   125-Watt lamp No. 125 A21/TS (6,000 h).
   620-Watt lamp No. 620 PS-40 (3,000 h).
   700-Watt lamp No. 700 PS-40 (6,000 h).

   ^1Copies of this specification can be obtained from the Specification
   Activity, Building 197, Room 301, Naval Weapons Plant, 1st and N
   Streets, SE., Washington, D.C. 20407.

   ^2Copies of Military specifications can be obtained by contacting the
   Commanding Officer, Naval Publications and Forms Center, 5801 Tabor
   Ave., Attention: NPPC-105, Philadelphia, Pa. 19120.

   ^3Copies of Federal Aviation Administration specifications may be
   obtained from the Chief, Configuration Control Branch, AAF-110,
   Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, 800
   Independence Avenue SW., Washington, D.C. 20591.

   ^4Copies of Federal Aviation Administration advisory circulars may be
   obtained from the Department of Transportation, Publications Section,
   TAD-443.1, 400 7th St. SW., Washington, D.C. 20590.

   [ 33 FR 11540 , Aug. 14, 1968, as amended at  40 FR 30267 , July 18, 1975]


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