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FCC 14.10
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  14.10   Definitions.

   (a) The term accessible shall have the meaning provided in § 14.21(b).

   (b) The term achievable shall mean with reasonable effort or expense,
   as determined by the Commission. In making such a determination, the
   Commission shall consider:

   (1) The nature and cost of the steps needed to meet the requirements of
   section 716 of the Act and this part with respect to the specific
   equipment or service in question;

   (2) The technical and economic impact on the operation of the
   manufacturer or provider and on the operation of the specific equipment
   or service in question, including on the development and deployment of
   new communications technologies;

   (3) The type of operations of the manufacturer or provider; and

   (4) The extent to which the service provider or manufacturer in
   question offers accessible services or equipment containing varying
   degrees of functionality and features, and offered at differing price

   (c) The term advanced communications services shall mean:

   (1) Interconnected VoIP service, as that term is defined in this

   (2) Non-interconnected VoIP service, as that term is defined in this

   (3) Electronic messaging service, as that term is defined in this
   section; and

   (4) Interoperable video conferencing service, as that term is defined
   in this section.

   (d) The term application shall mean software designed to perform or to
   help the user perform a specific task or specific tasks, such as
   communicating by voice, electronic text messaging, or video

   (e) The term compatible shall have the meaning provided in § 14.21(d).

   (f) The term customer premises equipment shall mean equipment employed
   on the premises of a person (other than a carrier) to originate, route,
   or terminate telecommunications.

   (g) The term customized equipment or services shall mean equipment and
   services that are produced or provided to meet unique specifications
   requested by a business or enterprise customer and not otherwise
   available to the general public, including public safety networks and

   (h) The term disability shall mean a physical or mental impairment that
   substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an
   individual; a record of such an impairment; or being regarded as having
   such an impairment.

   (i) The term electronic messaging service means a service that provides
   real-time or near real-time non-voice messages in text form between
   individuals over communications networks.

   (j) The term end user equipment shall mean equipment designed for
   consumer use. Such equipment may include both hardware and software

   (k) The term hardware shall mean a tangible communications device,
   equipment, or physical component of communications technology,
   including peripheral devices, such as a smart phone, a laptop computer,
   a desktop computer, a screen, a keyboard, a speaker, or an amplifier.

   (l) The term interconnected VoIP service shall have the same meaning as
   in § 9.3 of this chapter, as such section may be amended from time to

   (m) An interoperable video conferencing service means a service that
   provides real-time video communications, including audio, to enable
   users to share information of the user's choosing.

   (n) The term manufacturer shall mean an entity that makes or produces a
   product, including equipment used for advanced communications services,
   including end user equipment, network equipment, and software.

   (o) The term network equipment shall mean equipment facilitating the
   use of a network, including, routers, network interface cards,
   networking cables, modems, and other related hardware. Such equipment
   may include both hardware and software components.

   (p) The term nominal cost in regard to accessibility and usability
   solutions shall mean small enough so as to generally not be a factor in
   the consumer's decision to acquire a product or service that the
   consumer otherwise desires.

   (q) A non-interconnected VoIP service is a service that:

   (1) Enables real-time voice communications that originate from or
   terminate to the user's location using Internet protocol or any
   successor protocol; and

   (2) Requires Internet protocol compatible customer premises equipment;

   (3) Does not include any service that is an interconnected VoIP

   (r) The term peripheral devices shall mean devices employed in
   connection with equipment, including software, covered by this part to
   translate, enhance, or otherwise transform advanced communications
   services into a form accessible to individuals with disabilities.

   (s) The term service provider shall mean a provider of advanced
   communications services that are offered in or affecting interstate
   commerce, including a provider of applications and services that can be
   used for advanced communications services and that can be accessed
   (i.e., downloaded or run) by users over any service provider network.

   (t) The term software shall mean programs, procedures, rules, and
   related data and documentation that direct the use and operation of a
   computer or related device and instruct it to perform a given task or

   (u) The term specialized customer premises equipment shall mean
   customer premise equipment which is commonly used by individuals with
   disabilities to achieve access.

   (v) The term usable shall have the meaning provided in § 14.21(c).

   (w) The term real-time text shall have the meaning set forth in § 67.1
   of this chapter.

   (x) The term text-capable end user device means end user equipment that
   is able to send, receive, and display text.

   [ 76 FR 82389 , Dec. 30, 2011, as amended at  82 FR 7707 , Jan. 23, 2017]


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