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FCC 11.18
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  11.18   EAS Designations.

   (a) A Primary Entry Point (PEP) is a private or commercial radio
   broadcast station that cooperatively participates with FEMA to provide
   EAS alerts to the public. PEPs are the primary source of initial
   broadcast for a Presidential Alert. A PEP is equipped with back-up
   communications equipment and power generators designed to enable it to
   continue broadcasting information to the public during and after
   disasters of national significance. The Primary Entry Point System is a
   nationwide network of such broadcast stations used to distribute EAS
   alerts formatted in the EAS Protocol. FEMA is responsible for
   designating broadcast stations as PEPs.

   (b) A National Primary (NP) is an entity tasked with the primary
   responsibility of receiving the Presidential Alert from a PEP and
   delivering it to an individual state or portion of a state. In states
   without a PEP, the NP is responsible for receiving the Presidential
   Alert from an out-of-state PEP and transmitting it to the public and
   other EAS Participants in the state. Multiple entities may be charged
   with primary responsibility for delivering the Presidential Alert.

   (c) A State Primary (SP) is an entity tasked with initiating the
   delivery of EAS alerts other than the Presidential Alert.

   (d) A State Relay (SR) is an entity not otherwise designated that is
   charged with retransmitting EAS alerts for the purpose of being
   monitored by a Local Primary or Participating National.

   (e) State Relay Network (SRN) is a network composed of State Relay (SR)
   sources, leased common carrier communications facilities or any other
   available communication facilities. The network distributes State EAS
   messages originated by the Governor or designated official. In addition
   to EAS monitoring, satellites, microwave, FM subcarrier or any other
   communications technology may be used to distribute State emergency

   (f) A Local Primary (LP) is an entity that serves as a monitoring
   assignment for other EAS Participants within the state. LP sources may
   be assigned numbers (e.g., LP-1, 2, 3) are relied on as monitoring
   sources by other EAS Participants in the Local Area. An LP may monitor
   any other station, including another LP, so long as doing so avoids
   creating a single point of failure in the alert distribution hierarchy.

   (g) A Participating National (PN) is an EAS Participant that transmits
   national, state, or Local Area EAS messages, and is not otherwise
   designated within the State EAS Plan.

   [ 83 FR 37759 , Aug. 2, 2018]


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