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FCC 1.7006
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  1.7006   Data verification.

   (a) Audits. The Commission shall conduct regular audits of the
   information submitted by providers in their Digital Opportunity Data
   Collection filings. The audits:

   (1) May be random, as determined by the Commission; or

   (2) Can be required in cases where there may be patterns of filing
   incorrect information, as determined by the Commission.

   (b) Crowdsourcing process. Entities or individuals may submit in the
   Commission's online portal specific information regarding the
   deployment and availability of broadband internet access service so
   that it may be used to verify and supplement information submitted by
   providers for potential inclusion in the coverage maps.

   (1) Crowdsourced data filers shall provide:

   (i) Contact information of the filer (e.g., name, address, phone
   number, and email);

   (ii) The location that is the subject of the filing, including the
   street address and/or coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the

   (iii) The name of the provider;

   (iv) Any relevant details disputing the deployment and availability of
   broadband internet access service at the location; and

   (v) A certification that to the best of the filer's actual knowledge,
   information, and belief, all statements in the filing are true and

   (2) The online portal shall notify a provider of a crowdsourced data
   filing against it, but a provider is not required to respond to a
   crowdsourced data filing.

   (3) If, as a result of a crowdsourced data filing, the Commission
   determines that a provider's Digital Opportunity Data Collection
   information is not accurate, then the provider shall refile updated and
   corrected data information within 30 days of agreeing with the
   Commission's determination. Providers are allowed to bundle multiple
   crowdsourced corrections into one filing during a 30-day period.

   (4) All information submitted as part of the crowdsourcing process
   shall be made public, with the exception of personally identifiable
   information and any data required to be confidential under § 0.457 of
   this chapter.

   [ 85 FR 50907 , Aug. 18, 2020]


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Goto Year: 2019 | 2021
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