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FCC 1.2103
Revised as of October 1, 2020
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  §  1.2103   Competitive bidding design options.

   (a) Public notice of competitive bidding design options. Prior to any
   competitive bidding for initial licenses, public notice shall be
   provided of the detailed procedures that may be used to implement
   auction design options.

   (b) Competitive bidding design options. The public notice detailing
   competitive bidding procedures may establish procedures for collecting
   bids, assigning winning bids, and determining payments, including
   without limitation:

   (1) Procedures for collecting bids. (i) Procedures for collecting bids
   in a single round or in multiple rounds.

   (ii) Procedures allowing for bids for specific items, bids for generic
   items in one or more categories of items, or bids for one or more
   aggregations of items.

   (iii) Procedures allowing for bids that specify a price, indicate
   demand at a specified price, or provide other information as specified
   by competitive bidding policies, rules, and procedures.

   (iv) Procedures allowing for bids that are contingent on specified
   conditions, such as other bids being accepted or for packages of
   licenses being awarded.

   (v) Procedures to collect bids in one or more stages, including
   procedures for transitions between stages.

   (vi) Procedures for whether, when, and how bids may be modified during
   the auction.

   (2) Procedures for assigning winning bids. (i) Procedures that take
   into account one or more factors in addition to the submitted bid
   amount, including but not limited to the amount of bids submitted in
   separate competitive bidding.

   (ii) Procedures to assign specific items to bidders following bidding
   for quantities of generic items.

   (iii) Procedures to incorporate public interest considerations into the
   process for assigning winning bids.

   (3) Procedures for determining payments. Procedures to determine the
   amount of any payments made to or by winning bidders consistent with
   other auction design choices.

   [ 79 FR 48528 , Aug. 15, 2014]


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