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FCC 2.929
Revised as of October 1, 2019
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  § 2.929   Changes in name, address, ownership or control of grantee.

   (a) An equipment authorization may not be assigned, exchanged or in any
   other way transferred to a second party, except as provided in this

   (b) The grantee of an equipment authorization may license or otherwise
   authorize a second party to manufacture the equipment covered by the
   grant of the equipment authorization provided:

   (1) The equipment manufactured by such second party bears the FCC
   Identifier as is set out in the grant of the equipment authorization.

   Note to paragraph (b)(1): Any change in the FCC Identifier desired as a
   result of such production or marketing agreement will require the
   filing of a new application for an equipment authorization as specified
   in § 2.933.

   (2) The grantee of the equipment authorization shall continue to be
   responsible to the Commission for the equipment produced pursuant to
   such an agreement.

   (c) Whenever there is a change in the name and/or address of the
   grantee of certification, notice of such change(s) shall be submitted
   to the Commission via the Internet at within
   30 days after the grantee starts using the new name and/or address.

   (d) In the case of transactions affecting the grantee, such as a
   transfer of control or sale to another company, mergers, or transfer of
   manufacturing rights, notice must be given to the Commission via the
   Internet at within 60 days after the
   consummation of the transaction. Depending on the circumstances in each
   case, the Commission may require new applications for certification. In
   reaching a decision the Commission will consider whether the acquiring
   party can adequately ensure and accept responsibility for continued
   compliance with the regulations. In general, new applications for each
   device will not be required. A single application for certification may
   be filed covering all the affected equipment.

   [ 63 FR 36598 , July 7, 1998, as amended at  69 FR 54033 , Sept. 7, 2004;
    80 FR 33441 , June 12, 2015]

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